Map Story -"I just got word that we are about to be sent on another misssion tonight, typica...


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Map Story -"I just got word that we are about to be sent on another misssion tonight, typical I was hoping to have a few days of rest at the base. Rexxor is still sleeping so I think I shall wake him up, he is one crazy trigger happy medic... We are attacking tonight just before dark, the plan is that we should be able to conquer the island before dark. The not so funny news is that the metrologists have forcasted a very bad storm tonight, I guess that will make Cadea feel at home. Our covert op McBain have already been at the island last night and he managed to get hold of some rough outlines of it, we will use that as our commang map for this mission. I sure hope Persan, Babe, Wrulf, Tettiz, Ratata and Husmusen will be lucky with their M1's and those grenades tonight, they will be critical if there is to be a chance for us to blow up the cannon that is one of our two objectives. I'm sure I can rely on Ringa and Henkka to remember to plant all those mines. I'm a bit concerned that some of the fighting will have to take place underground in the bunker systems, we will really need some good medic's like Cata and NoM in there close by. We also have to steal the secret docuents from the War Room, my german sucks but they said there were signs pointing to it, something called "Befel" or something like that. Once taken we have to fight our way to one of the two radios on the island, they did not know where they were but McBain saw several antennas on the island and I hope they will guide us. I got the not so flattering task of using the mortar, some idiot in our command thought that would work great there, I am not so sure...

Now we hope that the rest of the team will be back in time for departure. Sox, Skrot, Evil, Lillebror, Azz and Krautkiller has been on the X-Dam Complex mission where they successfully destroyed the Axis X-Lab facility.

I can hear the storm coming now...faint thunders... damn, they were right about the weather.


Map Objectives

Allied Objectives

Primary objectives: *Destroy the Axis Cannon. *Steal the Secret War Documents and transmit them.

Secondary Objectives: *Destroy the Cannon Supply Doors. *Secondary: Destroy the Radio Bunker Door (if constructed by Axis).

Axis Objectives:

Primary objectives: *Stop Allies from destroying the Cannon. *Stop Allies from stealing the Secret War Documents and transmitting them.

Secondary objectives: *Construct the Radio Bunker Door.

Installation Put the island.pk3 file in your \etmain directory. The mapname is island if you want to add it to any script.

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Download '' (4.8MB)

Updated, this is the bug fixed version of Island called Island2.

Bug fixes
Fixed major FPS drops underground
2:nd radio now have Axis only/Covert ops door
Cannon can only be destroyed by Allies
A lot of minor texture fixes
New command map

Thanks to everybody who has been helping with the testing and all the regular players at the SteelRat's Cage ET server.
Thanks to the Swedish Clan DEO for their support and gameplay feedback, this has been really valuable to me.
Thanks to Drakir for providing Health and Ammo Cabinet prefabs.
Thanks to Tettiz for bearing with me while I am lost in the world of GtkRadiant.

Contact info
e-mail: [email protected]
IRC channel on Quakenet: srcgaming

Design based on an idea by SteelRat
Details, Command map, new textures and good ideas by Ringa

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