Jaffa Mod



It is a mod inspired by Stargate and it's for real fans. It's based on original Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60. The general changes are new player class and weapons.



• new player class - Jaffa

• separate rank system

– rank 0 - Jaffa Adept

® lame jaffa with almost nothing

– rank 1 - Jaffa

® regeneration like a medic has got
® rusty helmet

– rank 2 - Jaffa Warrior

® using weapons costs less
® metal helmet

– rank 3 - Serpent Guard

® jaffa helmet - immunity to headshots, but can't run, where it's on
® silver helmet

– rank 4 - First Prime

® a pretty god dammit impresive health
® gold helmet

• new weapons - Staff weapon, Zat'n'ktel

– change mods (by right mouse button)
– zat has stun, lethal and vanishing effect - like in series
– the staff weapon can be used as blunt weapon (2x more damage with jaffa, but can't backstab)
– can be used by all classes

• new awards

– Best Jaffa - like Best Medic, Soldier, etc.
– Oppresion Guru - for the most stuns with zat
– Jaffa Without Honor - for most backstabs by jaffa with staff
– Gay Medic - really bad medic will gain that award

• primary and secondary weapons can be dropped

• classes can have different accessories (helmet, belt, back...) with different level of class skill (.level file for each class in mod .pk3)

• maybe there are some other stuff or bugs

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