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Allies have set up a command center on a small chalkstone island housing a lighthouse off the South coast of England. Axis are attempting to dissable it.



Lighthouse: October 2006

email: [email protected] 


Map details:


1. Blow up Light at the top of the lighthouse tower
2. Blow up command bunker comms room
3. Blow up anti ship gun emplacement

There are also 3 entrances that need to be breached.

1. The lighthouse compound wall
2. The main entrance
3. The compound gate


1. Ropes for scaling the West south cliff 
2. Ropes for scaling the tower
3. Neutral Command Post

There are 32 player slots on each team although half this number of players is more than enough for this map as it is small

Many small fixes since beta - Main Changes are:

Wreck has been altered to provide covering fire on the main entrance bunkers
from the rear end of the ship

When Axis team take the forward flag it becomes their default spawn until allies retake it

Access to the compound wall has been limited to reduce spawn camping. There is now a damage inflicting barb-wire fence to dissuade alies from lurking up there. Access to the cliff tops is still provided via the team doors.


Thanks are in order to many - to the developers/creators of RTCW, ET, RADIENT, EASY GEN
.... a long list. Thanks all for the brilliant work, resulting toys and tools. 

Thanks again to those from the Splash Damage ET level design forum for their patience and help.

Many thanks again to Nick aka. Schaffer who kindly made the Command Map...

To all the server admins and players that have tested the dev versions and to players who have emailled feedback - cheers guys!


As far as copyright goes all I can say is that nearly all of this map is made using assets from ET - textures, models, sounds etc. and these belong their rightful owners.

However, the actual map is a creation of mine - so please DO NOT alter it without asking me first. 

The map is also free for all those in the online gaming community and should not be used in any way for commercial gain.

Anyhow - I Hopy you enjoy it  :)

Mrfin aka. Neil

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