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Axis need to defend the maccupiccu city and the 2 symbols (sun symbol and moon symbol) protected on the 2 pyramids temples. Allies need to capture the city and secure the 2 symbols on the truck stationed on the bridge.



 Basic Information

Author		: [email protected]

 Map Information

Game		: Enemy Territory

Title		: maccupiccu beta 1

Filename	: maccupiccu.pk3

Map name for campaign : maccupiccu

Release date	: 11.01.2009

Decription	: Allies need to steal the two symbol (moon symbol and sun symbol) and the axis need to defend it.

                  The map is based on original photo and the anime film Mysterious City Of Gold.

Program		: SD Radiant 1.4.0 and compiled on q3map 2.5.17

Build time 	: 7 month

Compile time	: under 5 minutes

Compile machine	: core 2 quad q9550 4 go ddr2 800 ram and 8800 gtx graphics card.

Specific	: the map run on hunkmegs 56 !

New Textures	: Yes

New Models	: Yes

Fun stuff :

- special command post
- 2 mg 42 constructible and destructible for axis
- 2 constructible and destructible assault ladder for allies
- 2 constructible destructible defence ladder on city for axis
- 4 dynamitable for allies

Special stuff :

- find the secret way

Idee for the creating the map :

This map is based on real photo and the anime film Mysterious City Of Gold.

Installation :

Just unpack the zip, and the zip open the maccupiccu directory and copy the file maccupiccu.pk3 in your etmain directory and launch the map.

You can found 4 screenshots on zip archiv in maccupiccu directory.

The map need only hunkmeg 56 for launch this is the original inclued in your Enemy Territory, all pepoele can play this map.

The map are tested on tree configuration :

- on one P4 3Ghz
- on one core 2 duo E8200 2.66 Ghz
- on one core 2 quad Q9550 2.88 Ghz

and run fine of all config.

This map and all content from are free.

Good fun of the maccupiccu map.

[email protected]

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