Mitchell Down for ET

Basic Information: A B-25 Mitchell bomber was en route to Berlin to deliver an Atomic weapon when the plane was shot down over enemy territ...

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File Description

Basic Information: A B-25 Mitchell bomber was en route to Berlin to deliver an Atomic weapon when the plane was shot down over enemy territory. The wreakage is being stored in a nearby Axis tank factory where scientists will study the bomb. The Allies must recover the 'Little Boy' Uranium Bomb from the warehouse, get it to the truck and escape with it back to allied territory.

Objective List:

1.) Allies Command Post The Allies should build a command post.

2.) Axis Command Post The Axis should build a command post.

3.) Church Machine Gun Helpful for the attacking Allies.

4.) The Gate Flag If the Axis capture this flag, they will be able to spawn closer to the bomb. If the Allies capture this flag, the Axis will be forced to spawn farther from the bomb, and there limbo time will be increased to 40 seconds.

5.) The Master Lock Control The Allies can unlock the Axis team door from inside the Axis base.

6.) The North Factory Door The Allies can breach this door with TNT to create another path to the bomb.

7.) The South Factory Door The Allies can breach this door with TNT to create another path to the bomb.

8.) The Little Boy Bomb The Allies must steal the Little Boy bomb, the Axis must defend it.

9.) Securing the Little Boy Bomb The Allies must secure the bomb at the waiting truck near their spawn.

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Original Map By Rummie
ET Version Developed by CptnTriscuit

Game		: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Title		: Mitchell Down for Enemy Territory
Filename	                     : mitchelldown_beta1.pk3
Version                            : Beta 1a
Release date	: 08/02/2006
Installation               	: Place the mitchelldown_beta1a.pk3 into your etmain folder


I want to make a brief statement about this map:

I had been working closely with CptnTriscuit to get this map converted to ET with Rummies permission. CptnTriscuit took a break from his new map Baserace 4 to help convert this one he worked on this for several weeks, during which time he went on vacation for a few weeks. After he returned I heard from him once and he said he was anxious to get back to finishing this map and that was the last I heard from Him and that has been over three months ago!
I really don’t know what happened but I have to assume the worst that CptnTriscuit is no longer with us as he has been unreachable through email and absent from the Splash Damage forums.
I pray that he is alright and will return someday to complete this map and to also finish the last in his series of great Baserace maps!




There are a few texture problems that should now be fixed, i hope everyone enjoys this great 'old school' map!

 Additional Map Information/Credits

Conversion      : Map conversion and new texturing/scripts created by CptnTriscuit

Thanks          : Special thanks goes to Rummie for his original map and allowing us to 
		  convert this great map over for Enemy Territory!

		: Thanks also to Northerner from RTCW Files for getting the
		  ball rolling on getting this conversion made!

		: Thanks also to nUllSkillZ for help fixing the texture problems!


as stated earlier, this is a beta map and with CptnTriscuit no longer around 
the texture problems and any other bugs may not get fixed. 

please do not modify this map without permission


Copyright © 2006 
This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN


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