Installation: extract the PK3 using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your Etmain folder. Something like this (C:/Program Files/Wolf...


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Installation: extract the PK3 using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your Etmain folder. Something like this (C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - EnemyTerritory/etmain) Run the game, and play.

D Day - the making of:

Conversion by Marko, Lowlife and Bob le Roux of the D Day map for RTCW (orgininally made by Marko)

More information and screenshots available on

Lefty - Custom Voices / GertH - Command map maker

Sponsors: MLB is sponsored by X3M servers (

Testing Team:

-7Co- guys: Burniole, Chef Chaudard, Tassin, Oui Oui, Blanchet, Gone, Pithiviers, Utopik, Capitaine Dumont

[fP] guys: Kennie, Kat, Flak, Shynna, Lead, Dictator, Slayer, Viper, Global, Smudge

[FUN] guys: Scott, Marty, Cedox, Capt Darling, Armistice, Hordak, Jaysi, SenecaWolf, Whatever, Choller (

M8D guys: Dr. Stock, DukeRespawn, Jonon, Brentwood & Nephlim (

Logan, Chris-s, Lowlife, CrAzY-NuTTeR, Heirpie, Darkfire, KN1GHTMAR3, Humpty-Dumpty, LdysMn317, Siffer, SilverSurfer, S.S. PoNS, c0s7, CrazyMexican, Yhcir, Lethal Banana, Wakka, S-Fos Skalman, Bouncer & Mr Battery

Map Description:

MLB D Day is a remake of the "D Day" map originally created by Marko for RTCW. Lowlife completely remade the terrain shaders and the sea whereas bob worked on the scripting a adding the voices to the script. Marko worked on structure and retextured the map.

Just like the previous versions, allies attack on this map. They spawn on landing crafts and have to make their way up the beach. They have 3 different ways into the enemy base :

- a side door that leads to a bunker with a forward spawn flag inside it - a main gate located below an mg42 gun nest - a damaged wall that can be breached with dynamite

Once the flag is captured, both teams spawn in the outdoor section of the axis base. They then have to fight their way indoors to the war room where the secret documents are stored. If the allies get hold of the documents, they have to take them back to the beach to trasmit them...


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