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Installation: extract the PK3 using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your Etmain folder. Something like this (Cstick...


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Installation: extract the PK3 using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your Etmain folder. Something like this (Cstick out tonguerogram FilesWolfenstein - Enemy Territoryetmain) Run the game, and play.

Egypt- the making of:

Conversion by Marko, Lowlife and Bob le Roux of the [FuN] Beach map (orgininally made by Marko)

More information and screenshots available on

Lefty - Custom Voices / GertH - Command map maker

Sponsors: MLB is sponsored by X3M servers (

Testing Team:

-7Co- guys: Burniole, Chef Chaudard, Tassin, Oui Oui, Blanchet, Gone, Pithiviers, Utopik, Capitaine Dumont

[fP] guys: Kennie, Kat, Flak, Shynna, Lead, Dictator, Slayer, Viper, Global, Smudge

[FUN] guys: Scott, Marty, Cedox, Capt Darling, Armistice, Hordak, Jaysi, SenecaWolf, Whatever, Choller (

M8D guys: Dr. Stock, DukeRespawn, Jonon, Brentwood & Nephlim (

Logan, Chris-s, Lowlife, CrAzY-NuTTeR, Heirpie, Darkfire, KN1GHTMAR3, Humpty-Dumpty, LdysMn317, Siffer, SilverSurfer, S.S. PoNS, c0s7, CrazyMexican, Yhcir, Lethal Banana, Wakka, S-Fos Skalman, Bouncer & Mr Battery

Map Description:

MLB_Egypt is the new map of this map pack. It was started from scratch in May by Marko, who made a set of temple with a pyramid nearby. Lowlife then decided to add terrain and build on, leading to what the map it now.

Axis attack on this map. They spawn in a wooden hut built on the river of a canyon. They have a boat to repair and escort along the river, going along ruins and borken pieces of architecture. In addition to this, they can use an underground tunnel that goes all along the river bed, providng an alternate sheltered access to the objectives... Along one of the river bends, allies have a damaged flood gate to hold. Axis have to escort the boat to the flood gate, repair the generator that drives the gates and toggle the levers to open the gates, let the boat in, flood the gate then open the upper exit Once the flood gate has been passed by the boat, Axis get a new spawn in that area. The boat then starts the last section up the river, going by a town in ruins before reaching the temple entrance. It finally stops, rotates it's gun and breaches the temple main entrance...

The boat is now no longer necessary... Axis will now have to access the main pyramid entrance. They have another door to dynamite to get there before having to get hold of a box of shells, build a gun, load the shells on the gun and breach the pyramid entrance... The next step takes place indoors. While allies attempt to hold the door leading to the sarcophage room, axis fight their way in the pyramid tunnels, using every path they can to reach the objective The path to the objective room is large and short, meaning axis forces easily invade the area. On the other hand, after having stolen the gold from the sarcophage room, they have to return it to the woodden barracks where they initially spawned at. Being unable to walk all the way back to the boat and down the river again, they have to breach the allied barricades to escape directly through the ruins protruding over the canyon...


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