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This map is for ET not RTCW. To download the RTCW version go to



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This map is for ET not RTCW. To download the RTCW version go to


It is the Autumn of 1944.

The Axis powers are in retreat - the German War Machine having pushed beyond it's limits. The Italians have already crumbled, and the Allies are pushing north through Italy. The Germans are getting desperate for any means to hold back the enemy. During all this, German scientists become aware of a powerful ancient relic, supposed to hold terrifying powers that would enable them to stop the Allied advance, and destroy them once and for all.

Allied code-breakers scanning the radio-waves intercept, through the terrible interference, a message encoded using a top secret encryption code. It is seemingly of the utmost importance to the Axis:

'You ... get ... Relic ... all costs. Prio(-ity) for ... (m-)ission comes ... ... Fuhrer ... ... available troops ... ... be sent ... ... abandoned chur(-ch) where ... relic is belie(-ved) to ... This ... is ... in the ... (m-)ountains, south of ...'

Although unable to decipher the location, spotter planes have become aware of many Axis forces moving towards a central point, located in the mountains. It is believed they are responding to the urgent mission.

The Allies have to move quickly - the deserted church is ahead of the front line, and few troops are available to get there in time. No-one knows how serious the Axis are about this, it might well be a decoy - hence reinforcements will only be sent as they are needed.

Level info:

This map is designed for smallish teams, from 1 to 6 players. It is small, and has a lot of vertical layers. It has a new feature - an alarm that Allies can switch on and Axis can switch off, that shortens the Allied respawn time.

There are a couple of easter eggs in there just for the bored (two ghosts to discover) ;)

Playing instructions:

To join a server playing this map:

1) Join as normal - ET will load the map up automatically (assuming you have installed it correctly).

To set up a server:

1) Load up ET in MP mode. 2) Choose 'Host Game'. 3) Find MML Church (V1) in the list of SW / MP maps. 4) Set server options according to how you wish them to be. 5) Choose 'Accept'.

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Download '' (9.31MB)

Level technical info:

Type:		MP / SW
Stage:		Final
Revision:	5
Time taken:	3 weeks
Compile:	BSP -meta, -vis, -light -fast -filter -samples 2

Author info:

Author:		[MML]Gerbil / zero.Gerbil
Real name:	Barry Swan
Wolf WWW:
Clan WWW:
E-mail:		[email protected]


As ever, thanks for to my clanmates for their support and generally being a great bunch of guys.
Also thanks go to everyone in the mapping forum at - helpful and friendly a bunch of
guys as you could ever hope to stumble across, as well as providing great ideas to improve this map.

SD for making a great game that I want to help support and hope has a better custom map scene than

Non Thanks:

SD for breaking some things that would have made porting the map from RTCW to ET so easy.
Also for many things not working as they should - even getting bloody models to show involved half
a day spent buggering with Milkshape (which I've never used before and had to get specifically for
Also for the objflags bug, the global sounds bug, the models bug, the limbo camera bug, the command
map markers error, the documentation errors, the entity .DEF file errors etc. You get my point :)

All I can say is, future maps should be a doddle since I think I must have found every bug in ET :/

Also to everyone who released a really crap custom map on RTCW - thanks for killing the custom maps
scene off so effectively. I'm hoping that custom maps for ET are much better - sadly the current crop
of forthcoming maps doesn't bode well - all I can hope is that actually finishing the map is so damn
hard people don't bother and DON'T RELEASE CRAP MAPS.


Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels for ENEMY TERRITORY ONLY.
Some of the contained assets are modified versions of the original ET ones, and as such can only
be re-used for Enemy Territory-based maps / mods.

The source files are available from

This file may not be distributed with any modifications. 

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on ANY CD or distribute it in any way without explicit
permission from me.

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