MP Bridge



The Hobby Toasters =MIZAR= Name: MD BRIDGE Multiplayer Map v.1.0 Homeserver: =Stingray= ET Server - Category: Multiplayer / Objective: WolfMP / StopWatch Requirements: Enemy Territory Remark: This is a remake of a traditional RTCW map by Drakir. The map was "improved" a little bit and adapted to the new ET-style without removing the fun playing this very fast and cool map. Thanks Drakir! Description: The inteligence services have discovered the location of top secret documents. Infiltrate the enemy aerea and steal the documents. Escape with the docs and transmit them from the nearby radiostation. Technical Info: Brushes: 3771 Entities: 256 Full-Compile: 20min. Editor: GTKRadiant 1.3.11 Compiler: P4 3.3GHz, 2GB Memory, Microsoft Windows XP SP1 Copyright: Copyright 2003 by =MIZAR= Design, all rights reserved. Info: Thank you for your help and support, all the beta-testing and all the valuable feedback: =JUDGE DREDD= =The Hobby Toasters= Clan [GoD] EVIL [GoD] NEMESIS [GoD] SHUGI [GoD] Clan HAVE FUN! =MIZAR=


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