No Quarter Mod

NO Quarter is a server side mod which ads many new features to the game such as: weapons character faces rankings smoke colors awards...


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NO Quarter is a server side mod which ads many new features to the game such as: weapons character faces rankings smoke colors awards etc....

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Ditched g_grenadeBonus and built it in to certain levels. Lowered grenade count for high levels. 
Level 6 First Aid - Full Payload - gives extra supplies (nades and needles) to medics. 
Changed Level 7 Covert Ops to "Recognition Disruption" 
Removed main menu "No Quarter" music, as it infringed copyrights of the band Tool and Led Zeppelin. It also reduces the main pk3 file by 4mb, which is nice. 
Fixed crashes with certain new ETPro maps scripts, such as Fueldump for ETPro 3.2.6 
Removed Level 9 Battle Sense - Field Dressing - as it was very unfair. 
Added surface lodging for throwing knives. Knvies will now stick into softer surfaces, like wood, while deflecting off of stone, metal and harder surfaces. Also, it will still bounce off of wood and softer surfaces if the angle is not right, just like in real life. 
ETPro style shoving - shove uses player's aim vector, so you can boost properly. Shove sound option handled by clients. 
Fixed first time NQ menu not showing any values when no map is loaded. 
Added Level 6 Signals - Ammo Sensory skill to see teammates current ammo. 
Fixed missing campaign description bug. 
Ditched Helmet Chin Strap skill after numerous "medics take 8-14 headshots to kill" complaints. 
Level 9 Battle Sense - Field Dressing - rengerate by crouching to rest for a while. Demoted other NQ Battle Sense skills by 1. 
g_XPSaveFile replaced with g_XPSaveDirectory for new XP save method. 
Remade XP Save! XP Save over multiple servers is now fully supported and safe to implement. 
Unlagged poison syringe. 
Added g_adrenaline CVAR to customize behavior of adrenaline. 
Aura sources ( level 5 Medics, Field Ops, Engineers ) have a visual effect beneath them, can disable with cg_drawAuraIcons. 
Inspire morale improved, while under effect of it, stamina is drained 2x slower and recharged 3x faster than normal. 
Level 9 Battle Sense - Danger Awareness - nearby grenades shown on HUD. 
Level 8 Battle Sense - Dynamite Prediction - dynamite health timer on enemy dynamites. 
Yet another shove kill improvement, fixed a knockback on flat ground did not clear shoved flag ( so who hit latest get a kill if player suicided from his free will by jump ). 
Added waypoints working within fireteam. 
Added class icon and rank icon options to cg_drawCrosshairNames. 
Added automatic fireteam buddy selection. 
Remade playdead to be more realistic - plays death animation and revive animation as transition animations, view in first person which you can look around to an extent( other players can see your head turning ). 
Fixed fast backstabs in warmup. 
Removed all ETPub g_spectator flags except 1st, also removed dynamic lights flags. 
Fixed 1st person weapon animation glitches. (like first time switching to knife). 
Forced death anims to be ended instead of being cut. 
Fixed knife headhots. 
Fixed poison icon height. 
Fixed homing missiles flying erratically. 
Added backpack to gib effect. 
Server installation notification changed, bad version notification appears only once 5 minutes, uncolored, others are colored depending on their priority ( missing files red, wrong fs_game uncolored, old binaries yellow ) 
Increased foot kicking damage. 
Improved door kicking - faster, always smash player who would block it. 
XP displayed for spectators in scoreboard. 
Updated scorebard stripes with colors. 
Fixed guided rocket movement. No longer turns by itself! 
Changed g_HQMessages to be off by default. 
Fixed shotgun/venom limiting depending on panzer limits. 
Fixed Mobile Browning out of stock not displayed in Limbo Menu. 
Fixed missile cam problems ( portals were not working right, was not drawing static gamemodels and coronas ). 
Fixed missile cam with flamethrowers. 
Level 8 Light Weapons - Throwable Knives added. 
Fixed ETPro .config files ( init was parsed everytime, and default was not parsed at all ). 
Fixed nVidia command map issues, (thanks ReyalP). 
Fixed/improved compass clipping. 
g_friendlyFire 0 support for poison. 
Added item physics for underwater. 
Readded ETPub g_medics flags. 
Level 8 First Aid - Health Pack Delivery - resupply health stands. 
Level 8 Signals - Ammo Pack Delivery - resupply ammo stands. 
ETPro style asterisk in fireteam overlay. 
Fixed cg_fireteamoverlay 0 turning off right clocks/displays. 
Fixed poison stats. 
Fixed flamethrower stats ( insane accuracy ). 
Fixed shove/knockback kills XP reward. 
Implemented a new file downloading UI.

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