NoQuarter X-Mas-Mod



|>B<|Molotov's xmas pack for noquarter mod. Based on Meyerinchains's grinch skin pack. Compatible with all nq mod (version 1.1.0-1.2.x).



- snowman on Baserace map (by |>B<|WingWong and |>B<|peyote)
- ribbons on ammo/medic packs
- santa/snowman mortar shell (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta)
- team colored santa hats
- xmas themed !news mxmas, ingame sounds (few of them by Hewster from Santamod)
- xmas colored effects 
- xmas themed satchel, mine flag and neutral marker flag
- snowball grenades
- new faces
- aura sprites
- class symbols on the clothes

//Original readmne
XMas Grinch Skin Pack
by Meyerinchains - [email protected]

Transform the Axis into Grinches and give your ET server a holiday feel! 
This pack includes a modified version of the Santa Cap pack by SlauGhteR [NAD] 
and also a modifed version of the ammopack/medpack gift bows pack by EB. 

&quot;The Grinch&quot; head model and skin for Axis
Santa Cap model originally by SlauGhteR [NAD] and towofu
Santa Cap skin retouched (too bright!)
Grinch Cap model modified from Santa Cap
Snowballs for grenades
Candy Cane mine markers (green and red for Allies, white and red for Axis)
Red and green construcible ghosting texture
Ammo and Med pack ribbons by EB, (fixed Mega Ammo Pack ribbon by me)
Green satchels for Allies, red satchels for Axis

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