Omni-Bot puts in artificial players into a game various skill levels, classes and functions can be programmed.



There has been a huge number of changes, additions, and fixes since the last STABLE release. It is recommended that all Omni-bot users upgrade to this version ASAP. Stability should be much improved in this release over previous releases.

Omni-Bot 0.52 STABLE
Fixed crash with certain maps(baserace, et_ice)
Fixed waypoint_addflag functions to optionally take multiple flags
Fixed GetCursorHint return value
Fixed waypoint_autobuild parameters(disconnect param)
Fixed unable to default construct a script type
Fixed about 4 crash bugs
Fixed vehicles not being registered if health == 0
Fixed setting goal properties.
Fixed naming of axis goals in some maps. This may break existing scripts.
Fixed bridge blockable detection, was swapped
Fixed removing single connections
Fixed bots defusing
Fixed an aiming bug that caused bots forward to get set to ZERO
Fixed output of script_stats
Fixed attack goal name.
Fixed bug where reload checks would change weapons, potentially messing with goals or scripts.
Fixed blockable collision test to be more reliable(was missing the tank barriers in goldrush).
Fixed bots always running to a goal that has been completed en-route. Auto success.
Fixed bug that prevented multiple goal flags to be usable on 1 waypoint.
Added /bot dontshoot 1/0
Added small offset to health/ammo/armor pickup offset
Added bot function ResetSubGoals to script
Added command waypoint_mirror, which copies all waypoints and rotates around an axis. Useful for symmetric maps.
Added GetBotVersion which returns the numeric version of the bot, for optional versioning scripts.
Added bot.HoldButton() script command, allowing an easy way to make a bot hold a button down for a time period.
Added a difficulty script, which registers a command /bot difficulty ?, where ? is the difficulty number or name. Additional difficulties can be added, changed in the script.
Added script library giving basic File IO.
Added goal registration for dropped items, so dropped flags will be registered as goals under the name allies_flag, or axis_flag, and giving them the ability to go for dropped flags.
Added mini-dump support to windows version. Should create a .dmp that can be sent to me for debugging crashes.
Added optional filename parameter to /bot show_goals command, which will dump all the names to a given file, eg /bot show_goals goals.txt
Added vehicle entities are registered as goals, allowing scripts to implement escort goals and such.
Added omnibot_enable cvar. Defaults to 1
Added radius check for panzerfaust and flamethrower weapon for friendlies
Added bot script functions HasLineOfSightTo & InFieldOfView
Added drawthreats command to highlight detected threats in red
Added line of sight test to artillery target positions
Added script command GetCursorHint
Added script command ChangeSpawnPoint
Added PERCEPT_HEAR_CHATMSG event for chat messages
Added script function GetEntVelocity
Added example script that allows bots to get in mountable vehicles
Added a number of Math functions for scripting: RandFloat, RandInt, ASin, ACos, ATan, ToInt, Abs, Sqrt, Min, Max, Floor, Ceil, Round
Added a goal highlighting feature to help scripters. /bot draw_goals [1/0]
Added some intelligence that limits the # of bots that can take on a specific goal. Scriptable too
Added randomization of goals that have the same bias, eliminating order dependency.
Added cvar g_omnibotpath that allows users to specify the folder to look for the bot dll.
Added entity flag LIMBO and MOUNTABLE. Exposed to script.
Added covert ops satchel usage agains appropriate targets(auto detected).
Added exposed many goal properties to script. See the sample.gm for examples.
Added version checking in the bot interface to give error messages when using wrong bot dll with game.
Added all goals now are sorted and distributed by their goal bias. More bias means bots will go after them first.
Added WEAPON_FIRE event. Sent any time bots weapon fires. _param.projectile is a projectile for appropriate weapons.
Added camp timer in attack/defend goals.
Added CHAT_MSG event. Whenever the bot recieves a text chat message. _params.msg is the string that was said.
Added waypoint command - waypoint_biconnect and waypoint_bidisconnect. Same as normal connect/disconnect except it does it both ways in 1 step.
Added extra parameters to waypoint_autoradius command for added flexibility.
Changed PressButton function to take multiple buttons as seperate parameters, instead of the user having to | them together.
Changed parameters of /bot commands so they are passed to script as appropriate types.(previously were all strings)
Changed first person spectator debug output to be disabled by default. Can re-enable with debugbot command
Changed syntax for debugbot command
changed waypoint_clearallflags to take flag names to clear specific flags from all waypoints.
Changed bot scripts. Eliminated auto creation of weapon tables. Saves a bit of memory.
Changed the bot chat function Say and SayTeam to take any number of parameters and types.

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