Omni-Bot is a server side mod which adds artificial players into the game to fight against or with



I thought this day would never come. It's been over a year since the last release. We've been testing the crap out of this over the last few weeks to work out a couple frustrating issues in certain linux distros, but finally got it figured out. 0.7 represents some huge changes in Omni-bot.

For best results, install Omni-bot fresh, and DO NOT use old waypoints, map scripts, or bot scripts. It is very likely that they will NOT work. To be more specific, 0.7 will load old waypoints fine, but chances are the map scripts are not compatible. We have gone through all the waypoints and scripts in the download section to update them to at least fix the script errors. The waypoint download section has been hidden for the time being, to try and prevent people from downloading old shit for 0.7 and getting bad broken results.

Click here to see a complete changelog in the wiki. There is far too much to put in a news post here.

HUGE thanks to jaskot and crapshoot for doing untold amounts of testing, scripting, waypointing, bug reporting, and generally just bugging the shit out of me to fix shit while I did my damndest to rush through to release. The high quality of this release is mostly their doing. If something ends up being horribly broken you can of course blame me.

The documentation has been removed from the installer and is available as a separate download. The reason for this is that the wiki has grown so large since the last release the wiki pdf has gone from about 800Kb to over 5Mb. I can't bring myself to double the installer size just for that. The new home for the documentation is the Misc download section, or click here to jump straight to it

jaymod, etpub, and noquarter have the 0.7 interface integrated into their code, so if you can get your hands on a nightly build you should be able to run them with 0.7, otherwise their next release should get you 0.7 support. I will attempt to push them towards a release as soon as possible.

So download you some Omni-bot 0.7 from the download page, get to playing, and let us know what you think.

The next steps for Omni-bot involve a RTCW release(go crapshoot go!) soonish, finishing out and releasing the Quake 4 and Doom 3 versions(for all 3 people that still play them), and Team Fortress 2!

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