Omni-bot is an artificial intelligence(AI) controlled opponent for first person shooter games such as ET, Wolf and others.




[url=http://www.omni-bot.com/wiki/index.php?title=Installing_Omni-bot]Installing Omni-bot[/url]

[url=http://www.omni-bot.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page]Omni-bot website[/url]

 Omni-bot 0.71 Changelog

Due to various fixes being made to the mod side, the interface version has been updated, meaning mods will have to release 0.71 supporting updates.

    * Added RunImmediate optional parameter for script defined commands to eliminate frame delay of running some commands.
    * Added built-in bot navigation downloader. See below.
    * Fixed events not being sent to some script goals.
    * Added omni-bot.cfg, written to the user folder, that maintains various bot settings between runs.
    * Fixed script setting of bot field of view.
    * Fixed bots reaction time and aim persistance.
    * Changed omnibot.log to append the map name to the log name. 

Enemy Territory

    * Fixed smoke grenades obstructing bot vision
    * Fixed a bug where adding a bot to a team without a class would pick the same class repeatedly(many engineer/soldier bug).
    * Fixed a bug where bots could get stuck with gpg40/m7 without grenade loaded, and be unable to fire(sdk bug, happens to humans too)
    * Fixed setting a bots name from script(this.Name = "newname"), changing the name of local client.
    * Added EVENT.AMMO_RECIEVED for when a bot picks up an ammo box.
    * Added bot.DisableBotPush to allow scripts to disable bot pushing.
    * Added UsePath wp flag. See below.
    * Added Ugoal wp flag. See below.
    * Fixed cpu spiking when medics attempt to path to unreachable teammates.
    * Fixed revive goal to path to nearest revive if multiple exist.
    * Fixed revive goal to re-path when new revive goals are created so they more intelligently path to nearest.
    * Added stance properties to CallArtillery, Flamethrower, and Panzer Goals.
    * Fixed goal position for some movers.
    * Fixed weapon_syringe weapon script to include RequiresAmmo = true.
    * Added dynamic update of goto position for goal_deliversupplies.
    * Added command bot moveskill for adjusting the difficulty level of goal_combatmovement.
    * Added goal_dualobjective for scripted defends in dual objective maps ( see ae_wizerness_final ).
    * Fixed a bug with limitbots in goal_useswitch.
    * Added routing support to goal_useswitch and goal_airstrike. 


    * Extended server_manager.gm to use new RunImmediate flags for the minbots/maxbots commands. 


    * Waypoint file version has been updated to version 8 to differentiate between 0.7x and previous nav files. 

Waypoint Downloader

Waypoint Flags

    * Added USEPATH nav flag for limiting usage of a waypoint to specific high level goals.
    * Added UGOAL nav flag for use in setting up routing to script goals that rely on waypoint names ( airstrike, dualobjective, useswitch, etc ).

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