Omni-Bot is a server side mod which adds artificial players into the game to fight against/with

this is an update patch for version 0.60



"So I dropped the ball on 0.6 and left out an important part of supporting the omnibot_path cvar. Although it was being used correctly to load the bot dll, the bot initialization was failing when trying to initialize its file system. 

Windows users shouldn't need this, unless they have their server set up in non standard folders and are attempting to use the omnibot_path cvar. Most of those effected are linux users who more often have the bot installed to one folder and the game to another. 

The worst part of this bug is that it was partly in the interface, meaning that yet again we have to wait for etpub and NQ to release another build with the fix. I am working to beg them to do it as soon as possible though. 

Apologies for this bug slipping through and that it puts us back to waiting on NQ and etpub to release another nightly build."

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