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Designers : Uch...


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General Information

Designers : Uchronic & Bob Le Roux

Concept, brushwork & much more : Uchronic Script : Bob le Roux

eMail address : [email protected] Web Site : (soon online with reference pix and prefabs credits).

Map Information

Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Title : Paris Bastille Filename : parisbastille_b1.pk3 Version : Beta 1 Release date : 08/25/2005 & 09/12/2005

Installation : Place the parisbastille_b1.pk3 file into your etmain folder If you want to try it alone, just type /map parisbastille_b1 in the console.

Please send us feedback to help us improve the upcoming final version.

| - Some of the textures are coming from other good maps for enemy | territory. So should be credited the following : | ET Maps : Venice by Chavo One, Stalingrad by "StormShadows" | Textures Websites :,, | | - Good prefabs have also been used in this map : | Drakir's, Marko's and Ifurita's prefabs. |


Paris, France, summer 1944.

Paris is being liberated. Even though the occupying forces has received the order to burn Paris before it can be liberated, they have refused to do so for various reasons.

But an axis commando, hidden in a basement near "La Bastille", trying to avoid Liberation troops, want to execute this order. Their objectives are two pillars, located underground, that support an important building.

An allie commando has secured the area, scealed the entrance and are waiting for reinforcement. They must protect the entrance to the underground, and the two pillars.


AXIS : 1. Destroy the Yellow Pillar (west). 2. Destroy the Red Pillar (east). 3. Destroy the wall to gain access to the underground. 4. Capture the forward spawn point. 5. Construct the Foot Bridge. 6 & 7 : Construct your command post, and destroy the opposite one.

ALLIES : Defend at all cost !

Additional Map Information Note : this is FICTION. The map is more or less realistic, but all of this is just a game. We used the Liberation of Paris as a background, but this map is not supposed to simulate a real battle. And, the neighborhood of La Bastille inspired us but the map is not an accurate reproduction of any real street or real building.

But, if the description of this period of time is not accurate, please let us know.

Testing # This is a beta version so please report all comments to [email protected] or at


Mrs Uchronic for help, support, advices, ... and love! For alphatesting : Burniole and his [7Co]s, Shazam and his [YEP]s, Spleener and Peps with their |ROP|s. But also all the individual players who participated, and among them : PastagaDani, Sim's, CodenameTy, Chouffy and all of you who gave me feedback.

Thanks to you who are reading this and who is going to play on the map right now !!! GO! GO! GO!

Post Scriptum Support our lost project : PowerHouse!


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