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August 1944.

It is now unavoidable; Paris will no longer be in the hand of the occupying forces. Allies troops are spreading in France since the D-Day. And the Free French Army, supported by the Allies troops, is extremely motivated to liberate Paris.

Even though the high command has ordered his troops to burn Paris before it can be liberated, General Von Choltitz, in charge of the city, wonders if it’s the best solution. Under pressure, he realizes that burning this beautiful city will make him a special target for the French troops. Even if all the objectives have already been specified (bridges, facilities, important buildings, undergrounds…) and even if explosives are already near the objectives, he decides not to order his troops to destroy their targets. This will save him from the Nuremberg trial.

The General Leclerc’s troops are entering in Paris in August 1944. Progressively, Paris is liberated, not without serious fights.

Near la Bastille, an axis garrison has been captured by the Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur (FFI), a division of the Free French Army working with the Resistance. It’s a strategic point as a high-tech bunker was under construction, just below a very important intelligence building. The FFI have locked every way to the intelligence building and to the undergrounds. The Allies want to learn the Axis technology and to read Intelligence documents.

There is, nevertheless, a secondary access to this building: an ancient church, now disused, and which was supposed to be destroyed for urban renewal. Even though this entrance is now sealed, a commando of allies, part of the Liberation troops, are protecting the area.

As Paris has been definitely liberated, the ally commando is having some rest, enjoying this summer day, listening to some old records and looking for some good wine to celebrate the moment. They are progressively erasing all the axis symbols and changing the locks of the doors.

But they don’t know that an axis commando has been separated from their division, and are hiding in a basement nearby. They stayed in this hideout for some days but are now out of supplies. The lack of privacy, the absence of communications with their HQ, and the likelihood of being killed or captured are driving them mad.

They have decided to fulfil their primary mission even though they have never received the order to do so. They want to jeopardize the intelligence building and the high-tech bunker by destroying two crucial pillars that are located underground.

To do so, they will first have to go out of their hideout and to regain their garrison by capturing the flag. This will force the ally commando to fall back in the underground bunker that they’ve just captured. From there, they will be able to destroy the wall that prevents them from going underground.

Once the wall is destroyed, they will have to make their way to their two objectives: the yellow and the red pillars, and to destroy them. If they succeed, allies won’t have the time to rebuild the pillars before everything falls apart. The Axis technology used in the bunker will be lost, and all the documents stored in the intelligence buildings will be destroyed.

Allies have to prevent the Axis to do so for only 30 minutes as reinforcements are on their way.

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General Information

Designers : Uchronic & Bob Le Roux

Concept, brushwork & much more : Uchronic
Script & much more : Bob le Roux

eMail address : [email protected]
HomePage : 

Map Information

Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Title : Paris Bastille
Filename : parisbastille_b2.pk3
Version : Beta 2
Release date : December 2nd 2005

Installation : Place the parisbastille_b2.pk3 file into your etmain folder
If you want to try it alone, just type /map parisbastille_b2 in the console.

If you have the previous, parisbastille_b1.pk3, please delete it.

Send us feedback to help us improve the upcoming final version.

| - Some of the textures are coming from other good maps for enemy
|  territory. So should be credited the following : 
|  ET Maps : Venice by Chavo One, Stalingrad by "StormShadows"
|  Textures Websites :,,
|  But also DaveGH
|  - Good prefabs have also been used in this map : 
|  Drakir's, Marko's and Ifurita's prefabs.
| I'm trying to keep up to date a Prefab Section in the home, so that fair credits can be done.


1. Construct the Foot Bridge.
2. Capture the forward spawn point.
3. Destroy the wall to gain access to the underground.
4. Destroy the Yellow Pillar (west).
5. Destroy the Red Pillar (east).
6 & 7 : Construct your command post, and destroy the opposite one.

ALLIES : Defend at all cost !

Additional Map Information
Note : this is FICTION.
The map is more or less realistic, but all of this is just a game.
We used the Liberation of Paris as a background, but this map is not supposed to simulate a real battle.
And, the neighborhood of La Bastille inspired us but the map is not an accurate reproduction of any real street or real building.

But, if the description of this period of time is not accurate, please let us know.
A uchrony has to be plausible. ;)

# This is a beta version so please report all comments at

This a beta2.
A lot of things have been changed since the beta1 to solve the bugs and to improve the gameplay:
- An important new path has been created from the red to the yellow pillar.
  You can now use the first floor of the building once one of the pillar has been destroyed.
- Dog alert in one of the building : thanks to Loffy for helping me to do it.
- Sky bug corrected.
- Some textures have been changed.
- New ways in the disused church to go in the underground.
- A sample of "J'ai deux amours" performed by Joséphine Baker in the allies garrison.
- Water : the water is now dirty and unclear for a more realistic feeling.
- The paths to the yellow and the red pillars have been changed to help the attack.
- No need to crouch anymore to go the pillars.
- All the doors are now openable by a disguised covert op, except one ! 
  A special texture informs the players of this specificity.
- A sand box is now helping to prevent SK.
- Bugs at the Truck-MG were solved.
- A lot of non-solid textures and clips were added for a smoother gameplay.


- Thousands little things were also changed, but you will probably won't notice it.


Mrs Uchronic for help, support, advices, ... and love!
For alphatesting : Shazam and the [YEP]s, Burniole and the [7Co]s, Spleener and Peps with the |ROP|s; Akira and the LoD. But also all the individual
players who participated, and among them : PastagaDani, Sim's, CodenameTy, Chouffy and all of you who gave me feedback.

Thanks to you who are reading this and who is going to play on the map right now !!! GO! GO! GO!

Post Scriptum
Support our lost project : PowerHouse!

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