"Password2 - Final" Review

FUN FACTOR: Password2 is a very unique map and seems capable of some very interesting firefights. There are possibilities for both open/outdoors fighting and narrow hallway firefights, with cover behind various items/crates/file cabinets etc... Password2 is definately a fun map to play.

ITEM PLACEMENT: No complaints here. Objectives / Obstacles were placed in appropriate places to keep the battle interesting.

BALANCE: Same as above, the map seems fairly even. Could be a bit too hard for the Allies, but this can of course be fixed by evening teams.

SIZE vs USEFULLNESS: At first, as with all maps, I was a bit disoriented, and unsure of where to head, and the lack of objectives in the Limbo menu (not the mapper's fault) didn't help. The author specifically agrees that it is most fun when players know where to go, so give it a run through solo before you jump on the internet.

QUALITY: Very well laid out, well selected textures... Definately a high quality map. A few parts of the map had some awkward lighting, but none bad enough to make your eyes jump out and run away. At some times the textures seemed repetitive, but not as bad as many other maps. Well made.

CREATIVITY: This is where the map earns its big points. The random password makes the level very unique, and although it's a gimmicky feature, it's a cool one. :)

Well done! The Capn.

ABOUT MAP - This is a small map, intended for up to 12x12 players. - Map has "Password" gimmick, generate random number and player must input correct password to get objective. - I believe it has good game play if players know the objectives, and it will test your teamwork.

Allies Objectives 1. Pri: Spy the Password and input it to start process, then defend the Emergency Button until process finished. 2. Pri: Steal the Endoarm. 3. Pri: Escape with the Endoarm to the waiting Truck. 4. Sec: Breach the Service Door. 5. Sec: Capture the Flag.

Axis Objectives 1. Pri: Prevent the Allies from spying the Password and input it. If Password is input, push the Emergency Button to abort process. 2. Pri: Prevent Allies from stealing the Endoarm. 3. Pri: Stop the Allies from escaping to the waiting Truck. 4. Sec: Defend the Service Door. 5. Sec: Hold the Flag.



Custom Map for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Mapname : Password2
Type    : wolfmp wolfsw wolflms
Version : final
Date    : Sep 10, 2003
BSP Name: password2.bsp
Author  : towofu
Web     : http://towofu.s5.xrea.com/rtcw/
Email   : [email protected]

  Extract zip and place "password2_final.pk3" to GameFolder\etmain

  rc1 > final
    - Decorations.
    - Final adjustments.

  beta2 > rc1
    - Fix/Add some models.
    - Fix/Change limbo camera angles.
    - Fix texture structures of pk3 file.
    - Change a bit of structure.

  beta1 > beta2
    - Now only Allies forces can enter password.
    - Removed Hatch shortcut.
    - Escaping route to Truck is changed.
    - Structure around the objective is changed.
    - Set sounds for each process related event.
    - Fixed missing textures.

  alpha2 > beta1
    - Remove escorting truck feature.
      I know ppl want ET like features, but it was not suit for this map.
    - Spawn timer is set to 30:30 (was 20:30)
    - Add/Edit dynamitable objectives.
    - Rebuild some places.
    - Reduce password input delay to 5 sec. (was 10 sec)
    - Remove spawn swap of alpha2.
    - Fix problem password was revealed without opening the door, if 
      your "Depth Buffer" is set to 16bit and you are far from the door.
      Still 1st digit will be shown but it doesn't matter I think.

  alpha1 > alpha2
    - Add spawn swap after finishing password process.
    - Fix lacked texture.
    - Fix script problem.
    - Now only Axis forces can push Emergency Button.
    - Add some command map icons.
    - Some other things that I cann't remember.

  - For Allies, east way should be good choise if Axis defending tight.
  - For Axis, if Allies input the password, Emergency Button can stop them.
  - It is intentional decision there are no place to use mortar and 
  - Check your command map for the position of objectives!

  - All kinds of feedbacks are welcomed.
    Email: [email protected]
  Thanks everyone at Surface Forum http://www.wolfensteinx.com/surface/ 
  and all the mapping forums over the world.
  Thanks Team ZiU and their mates for making the chance for people to 
  play this map and giving me great feedbacks. 
  Also thanks everyone for playing, feedbacks, hosting servers and more.

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