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Map Source of Custom for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Map Source of Custom for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Mapname : Password2 Type: wolfmp wolfsw wolflms Version : 1.2 Date: Nov 07, 2003 File Name: Author : towofu Web: Email : [email protected]


- You can distribute modified map only for ET. Not for other games, not for even RtCW. - Make bsp/map name unique, for instance password2_me.bsp (Password2 My Edition). - If you distribute the map, note two things in your readme.txt "this map is modified version of Password2" and "modifier's name (this may be your name)".


- You need resources included in map pack password2_v12.pk3. - Ensure "password2" key is added to shaderlist.txt - I note compile options for my original file: Q3MAP2 2.5.10 LIGHT_VAR=-light -fast -filter -super 2 -patchshadows -bounce 8 -bouncescale 3 VIS_VAR=-vis -saveprt BSP_VAR=-meta -verboseentities -patchmeta -mv 1024 -mi 6144 -subdivisions 4 and it takes about 7 hours with Celeron 1.3GHz/512RAM. - You can enable landmines easily by uncomment lines saying "//surfaceparm landmine".


- Script could be more clean with "globalaccum" new keyword of ET. Also, "remapshader" key could be alternate way to display password.


- All kinds of feedback is welcomed. Email: [email protected]

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