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A cargo ship that is supposedly impervious to conventional weapons is being developed in a secret location only known as Pier 16...


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A cargo ship that is supposedly impervious to conventional weapons is being developed in a secret location only known as Pier 16. The Allies received intelligence of this location and are planning to take it down from the inside. The Axis must protect the ship from sabotage.

Allied Objectives:

- Primary1 : Destroy the West boat hull (Cargo bay) - Primary2 : Destroy the East boat hull (Engineering Storage) - Primary3 : Destroy the Support beam - Secondary1 : Breaking into the Warehouse - Secondary2 : Building the ramps to the ship - Secondary3 : Capturing the battery for the Fuel Depot - Build a Command Post - Don't let Axis build a Command Post

Axis Objectives:

- Primary1 : Defend the West boat hull (Cargo bay) - Primary2 : Defend the East boat hull (Engineering Storage) - Primary3 : Defend the Support beam - Secondary1 : Don't let them access the Warehouse - Secondary2 : Stop the ramp construction - Secondary3 : Prevent the Allies from fixing the generator - Don't let Allies build a Command Post - Build a Command Post

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Download 'pier16_v3.zip' (12.06MB)

Pier 16 by Tasian

A multiplayer map for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, geared toward Stopwatch play

This is not my homepage, but I go here alot: www.chickenbucket.com

E-mail: [email protected]


Install this map by placing the file (pier16_v2.pk3) into the etmain directory of your Enemy Territory folder. (C:\...\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain for example)


Map Information

Filename: pier16_v2
Menu Name: Pier 16
Gametypes: wolfmp wolfsw
Players: Up to 32 per team is supported
Version: Second Public Release (Version 2)
Release: September 16, 2005


Map changes

Version 1

- First public release

Version 2 

- Added another doorway out of the Allied Spawn in the warehouse
- Decreased Axis spawn time to 15 seconds
- Placed some clip ramps around the raised doorways and steps to ease travel across them
- Minor script changes
- Fixed a bug with people leaning in a cylinder and looking through.

Version 3

- Lights should look a l'il nicer now
- Fixed a border clip leak on the edge
- Placed a button activated double door to the west of the main warehouse entrance
- Added an Axis door to the western-most entrance of the ship
- Tweaked the Allied warehouse doorway for less convenient spawn camping
- Modified the doorways of the central ship, instead of two doorways facing left and right, now there is one facing north, toward the Axis spawn


Additional Notes

If there's any Axis complaining about how easy the Allies win... that's the point, it's designed to be a Stopwatch map. It's not like there's a shortage of defense-heavy maps that drone on for 30 minutes. You have fun with those.

Thanks to all the Bucketeers who have put up with my crappy crappy maps and for providing feedback. :P

I lost the name of the trainstrainstrains.pk3 creator, but if he's reading this, thank you for your awesome train cars.

If you want to access the secret room, you can... I don't know... press a tire or something.


Copyright Permissions.

ID, Activision & Splash Damage. Original game rights.

Blue Oyster Cult - "Don't Fear the Reaper"
Whoever wrote the Chicken Dance - "The Chicken Dance" (Polka Version)
MK13 - "I am singing now"

Thanks to chavo_one for letting me use his commander's "boat" quote.

If you have any comments or criticisms about this map, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or post at the Chicken Bucket forum. (www.chickenbucket.com)

Authors may NOT use this level, Pier 16, as a base to build additional level.
Authors may NOT use the custom textures in this pk3, but it's not like I'll stop you if you do.

You may distribute this BSP through any electronic network, providing it's not for profit, you include this file and leave the archive intact.

You may NOT distribute this archive on CD-ROM or DVD (or other media) without written permission.

Needs more cowbell.

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