Pitch Black

Here is a great new map made by the Lang Development Team. This is a must have for all Enemy Territory players!! Great job guys.

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Here is a great new map made by the Lang Development Team. This is a must have for all Enemy Territory players!! Great job guys.

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--Pitch Black Readme--
Created: May 23, 2004 by Java.Lang
lp1_1 v1 (first playable version)

----Project Summary---
Pitch Black is the first map created by the Lang Development Team of the Lang Family.
This map was created and intended for use on the Lang Family servers specifically the Needlefeast
This map is free to distribute by players and admins, however it is not designed to be edited 
by someone outside of the Lang DevTeam.

This version of Pitch Black is the "First Playable Version" but for a more fitting title
we will just refer to it as our Beta version. The map has been tested by players to ensure 
a limited amount of bugs.

The map is still in development and will be until a version is released with a readme indicative
of a finished product.

--Pitch Black Objectives--

Default Settings:
	Map Timelimit 30 minutes
	Allied Respawn 20 seconds
	Axis Respawn 30 seconds
	Number of Objectives 6

	The Allies must break into an Axis Trainyard to steal an experimental A-Bomb which has yet to 
	be assembled. Assemble the bomb and escape by way of the Depot Yard.

	Allied Objectives:
		Objective 1 Steal the Bomb Parts and escort them by foot or boat to the Loading Bay.
		Objective 2 Assemble the Bomb Parts to prepare them to be escorted via the Handcar.
		Objective 3 Escort the Bomb to the Depot Yard.
		Objective 4 Escape with the Bomb by way of the Depot Yard.
		Objective 5 Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post.
		Objective 6 Establish a Command Post.
	Axis Objectives:
		Objective 1 Keep the Allies from stealing the Bomb Parts.
		Objective 2 Prevent the Allies from assembling the Bomb Parts.
		Objective 3 Stop the Allies from using the Handcar to escort the Bomb.
		Objective 4 Keep the Allies from escaping with the Bomb.
		Objective 5 Establish a Command Post.
		Objective 6 Prevent the Allies from building the Command Post.


Matthew "Java.Lang" Evert - Level Designer, Artist, Scripting
Madmaximus "Shuster.Lang" - Modeller, Scripting, Sounds
Ken "PenumbraDuFromage.Lang" - Modeller
Matt "Cannon Fodder.Lang" - Modeller

Additional Notes/Credits:
This map makes use of pre-existing content from both RtCW and ET. Credit given to the
creators of both games respectively.

Java would like to specially thank the Lang Family and Community for testing the map.
Also, a very big thanks goes to Donny and East Coast Gaming for hosting our test server!

--Contact Information--

For information on the map, updates, bugs and or questions, 
please email Java at:  java@darkenedlabs.com

For information regarding the Lang Family, servers running the map
please visit http://langstas.com

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