PK3 Creator



PK3 Creator is a small application that can help you create your PK3 map file. It uses a simple user interface that allows you to quickly locate and select all the required files. The user interface makes it nearly impossible to forget files!



You don't even need to remember in which directory certain files should
be located; PK3 Creator handles everything for you. You simply press the button of
the required file, and you are brought immediately to the correct directory where your
file will be waiting for you. 

In addition, PK3 Creator can automatically find and add up to 95% of all required files,
if they are available, after selecting the BSP file. It automatically finds the following files
based simply on the name of the BSP file:

• the Lightmap Directory,
• the Tracemap tga file,
• the Script file,
• the Objective Data (objdata) file,
• the Arena file,
• the Sounds file,
• the SPS file,
• the Loading Image,
• the Commandmap Image,
• the Locations (_loc.dat) file.

It also reads the BSP file itself and finds every Texture, Shader and Model you may have used.

In conclusion: if you have organized all the above files properly in your W:ET mapping installation,
all you need to do is select your BSP file and choose "Export To PK3" and you're done!

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