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PK3 Creator made by Flippy is a small application that can help you create your PK3 map file. It uses a simple user interface that allows you to quickly locate and select all the required files. The user interface makes it nearly impossible to forget files!

You don't even need to remember in which directory certain files should be located; PK3 Creator handles everything for you. You simply press the button of the required file, and you are brought immediately to the correct directory where your file will be waiting for you.



PK3 Creator Source Files Readme
Version 0.2

PK3 Creator is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 9 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 2.0.
In the PK3Creator directory, I have included all the files you need to view or edit my application. 
Please note that the code is not extensively commented and might be messy in some places. 
I have tried to keep the code of similar sections in Regions which you can expand or collapse (all the code of one TabPage for example goes in one Region).
This might make it easier to find what you need.

You are free to use the source to track down bugs or find out how I did certain tasks. 
Please do not use this to create the exact same application and claim it as yours. I have published the source for your pleasure and for the sake of the community, so that if I go missing or lose interest, someone else can take my place and fix some bugs or develop this further.
You can always try to reach me on my email: [email protected]

How to use
To read the source files you will need Microsoft Visual Studio. 

Select an option below and follow the instructions:

1. I do not have any version Microsoft Visual Studio
No problem, you can download the free Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition here:
Open the PK3Creator.vbproj project file in the PK3Creator directory to start.

2. I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or later (Standard or Professional)
You're good to go. Open the PK3Creator.vbproj project file in the PK3Creator directory to start.

3. I have Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2008
You should be good to go. Open the PK3Creator.vbproj project file in the PK3Creator directory to start.

4. I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or earlier (Standard or Professional)
Since my project is made in Visual Studio 2008, you cannot directly open the project because of small compatibility issues.
You can still view my project but you will have to manually add all the files, which can be quite a difficult task depending on if you know what you're doing or not.

An easier solution is to download the free Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express, see step 1.

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