POW Camp



The Allies have analyzed aerial recon photos and discovered the location of a notorious POW camp. A small Allied force is given the task of breaking into the camp to destroy it and liberate the prisoners from their captors.



| title	 : POW Camp b5       
| fileName	 : powcamp_b5.bsp 
| Version	 : beta 5 (fifth release - possibly final) 
| what is it : a map for the on-line multiplayer game Enemy Territory   
| author	: James "JAM" Meigs  
| email	: [email protected] 
| Type          : Objective, Campaign, Stopwatch
| Spawn Points  : supports up to 64 players, 32 per side

| Story:..
|      :..The Allies have analyzed aerial recon photos and 
|      :..discovered the location of a notorious POW camp
|      :..A small Allied force is given the task of breaking
|      :..into the camp to destroy it and liberate the 
|      :..prisoners from their captors.

| How To Play:..                          
|            :..Place the  powcamp_b4.pk3 into your etmain folder.
|            :..Launch Enemy Territory(tm)                  
|            :..Find a server running this map.            

| Objectives:..
|     Allies:..
|          1:..Fix and advance the tank to destroy the garison wall.
|          2:..Build the Sola River bridge to move the tank across the river.
|          3:..Steal the Main Camp Gate Key from the Commandant quarters
|          4:..Take the key to the control tower to access the main POW camp.
|          5:..Blow up the Execution Wall to gain access to the crematorium/Gas Chamber
|          6:..Take the artillery shell from the gas chamber.
|          7:..Throw the artillery shell into the oven to blow up the crematorium.
|		Secondarily: 
|			A:..Build the command post
|			B:..Capture the forward spawn flag in the main POW Camp.
|			C:..Build the assault ramp to have another way into the camp.
|			D:..Disable or destroy the gas controls
|			E:..Build the scaffold for another way into the crematorium
|			F:..Dyno the invasion barrier to have another path into crematorium
|       Axis:..
|          1:..Prevent the Allies from escorting the Tank to the garrison wall.
|          2:..Prevent the Sola river bridge from being built.
|          3:..Protect the gate key from being stolen
|          4:..Don not allow Allies to take the key to the control tower.
|          5:..Protect the execution wall from being demolished.
|          6:..Protect the artillery shell from being stolen.
|          7:..Prevent allies from transporting the artillery shell to the crematorium oven.
|		Secondarily: 
|			A:..Build the command post
|			B:..Capture the forward spawn flag in the main POW Camp.
|			C:..Do not allow Allies to build the assault ramp.
|			D:..Build and maintain the gas controls
|			E:..Prevent the allies from building the scaffold
|			F:..Build and protect the invasion barrier to force allies south

| Enhancements:..
			This is beta 5 version - the fifth release of this map.

| ENHANCEMENTS/Bug Fixes/changes in beta 5:..
		- textures and shaders remapped to prevent conflicts with other maps
		- textures compressed to decrease map package size
		- ruin added to partially cover bridge 'build box' and give allies some cover
		- contestable flag not capturable until camp main gate is opened
		- canopy added to spawn flag
		- paths adden in admin and final area
		- more vis blocking for faster graphics
		- some structural and cosmetic tweaking of spawns and other areas
		- signage added to indicate flag and wall from sonderspawn
		- signage added to indicate on/off of gas control
		- sound tweaking
		- final package size decreased from 20MB to 14MB

| ENHANCEMENTS/Bug Fixes/changes in beta 4:..
		- STRUCTURAL REDESIGN to improve FPS, decrease server LAG
			(vis blocking, hint brushes, etc...)
		- Replaced snow tipped trees with temperate trees
		- Added checkpoint and garage buildings in front of garrison
			(to act as cover for allies and axis during tank escort)
		- Added alarm to sound when gas control is on
		- Added musical fanfare when major objectives are completed
		- Rebuilt sonder spawn to allow easy camp access
		- Rebuilt main POW camp area
		- Added or modified roads for camp, garrison and final area
		- Retracted 3rd floor catwalks to ease axis defense in final area
		- Placed 'end-of-round' camera to show chain reaction explosion
		- Added details to gas control building
		- Changed infantry barrier to start as already built
		- Lowered kick panels on gun towers to enable easy entrance to camp

| ENHANCEMENTS/Bug Fixes/changes in beta 3:..
		- Color coded objective messages
		- Smoothed tank spline
		- Touched up bridge legs
		- Sped up tank by 13%
		- Moved Axis Garrison Spawn downstairs
		- Moved Garrison Health/ammo cabinet outside
		- Slight remodel of garrison complex
		- Reworked ladders and landings in tower, church, and crematorium
		- Remodeled Axis Barracks
		- Changed Arbeit sign to POW CAMP
		- Remodeled last axis spawn building as 2-story
		- Added buildable invasion barrier between Axis spawn and Hospital
		- Moved Allied spawn to middle of hospital
		- Did more modeling in hospital interior
		- Added scaffold for Allies to get into crematorium upper level
		- Added another stairwell and covert door for allies to get to gas control
		- Added a ladder inside crematorium allowing allies to get to upper level
		- Extensively remodeled crematorium interior
		- Removed unused objective triggers
		- Made all glass in spawning rooms unbreakable
		- Modeled a chain reaction explosion of all 3 ovens following delivery of shell
		- Removed unused objective triggers

| Bug Fixes/changes in beta 2:..
		- new terrain shaders created to enable landmines in all areas of map
		- train yard rebuilt with more detail - tracks and building reworked, crane added
		- doors retextured and mapped to correct sound
		- all breakable glass mapped to correct sound
		- small bunkers reclipped to stop weapon fire
		- truck moved farther from garrison to discourage trick jump
		- zyklon cannister references changed to 'artillery shell'
		- some building textures replaced or realigned
		- can now shoot through all electrified barb wire fences
		- church is now double fenced


| Miscellania:..
|            :..editor       : GtkRadiant 1.3.13
|            :..compiler     : q3map2 2.5.13
|            :..build time   : 18 months (on and off)
|            :..PC specs     : 6600 Intel Quad core
|            :..compile stats: bsp   : pretty fast
|                            : vis   : 10 minutes
|                            : light : 90 minutes
|            :..Textures     : a couple from every great mapper out there
|            :..             : a couple of my own custom textures

| Credits    :..All the great mappers out there that freely volunteer their time to make maps, tutorials, textures etc...
		With this community of free information one who knows nothing of mapping can learn to:
		Create buildings and rivers and moving vehicles and landscape and buildable objects and destructible
		objects and carryable objects and custom graphics and light entities and scripts and eventually....
		.... a map that might be interesting and playable.
		I never talked to any of these individuals but their info on the web is invaluable:
		2bit, Marko, Lowlife, Surface, Ydnar, Ifurta, Chavo, Drakir, Erik-Ftn, NIB, Roeltje, Spyjuice, Amethyst 7
		Further thanks to all the clans that I've been a part
		of or extensively visited or hosted or gave feedback:
		Southwest ET (SWET) (defunct), Free Team Players (FTP), Who's Gaming, 
		Girl Power (GP), Chicken Bucket, Weedheaven, Braveheart.

| Copyright  :..
|            :..Copyright (c) 2008 James Meigs
| Permissions:..You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without permission from the author. You may not mass
|            :..distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks. You may not
|            :..Redo/reproduce/update this map in any way without permission from the author.

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