allies must capture a train station and destroy a few objectives such as fuel trucks


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allies must capture a train station and destroy a few objectives such as fuel trucks

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The map is more or less a prequel to fuel dump story wise, but game play is pretty much like Oasis during winter with ridable tugs.

The allies start out by having to capture the train station where the axis spawn, they can destroy the barricades to secure it. There is also a sideway which can be accesed by having a cov-ops open the door while in disguise.

The main battle ground will be around the house in which the CP is located. By having the CP constructed, you get a spawn-point for your team.

The allies can either chose to go head on and destroy the trucks by removing the gates, use the sewer system to get below the walls and up right next to the north fuel truck, or use the trains to get to the 2nd train station and sneak in the open gate and destroy the south fuel truck, the allies have many possibilites.

The axis should focus on keeping an eye on their weakest link, which is the south truck. Plant mines around the trucks so you know if they go off that someone is about to plant dynamite.
Keep pressure on the CP house as this is the closest thing you get to a bottleneck, and keep an eye on the trains below.

It might sound a bit complex, but really, its extreamly simple and there is lots of room.

The map was designed with 32 players in mind, it will be interresting to see if it can support more.

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