1. Installation & Play

Simply put the "raiders.pk3" in your "etmain" folder (which is in yo...


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1. Installation & Play

Simply put the "raiders.pk3" in your "etmain" folder (which is in your Enemy Territory directory).

The map name is "raiders" for people who want to put this map into their map rotations and create campaigns.

LMS mode is not supported on this map.

Server Admin: For ETPRO, install the additional raiders_etprocm.pk3 for proper command map icons.

2. Story

Dr. Jones has discovered that Axis scientists dabbling in the occult have found a way to create soldiers with other-worldy abilities. Harnessing the powers of various ancient relics, the Axis are soon to create 'super soldats.' Special Allied raiders have been called upon to root out the Axis secret desert base and recover the lost Ark!

3. Objectives

** Axis Objective Descriptions **

- Prevent Allies from Escorting the Truck to the Temple and Sub Pen by any means possible - Prevent Allies from using the Staff of Ra in the Map Room. - Stop the Allies from escaping with the Idol via a Truck in front of the Temple. - Stop the Allies from capturing the ark. Make sure they don't activate the crane in the sub pen. If they do, shut it down. - Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post inside the Caverns near the temple. - Set up a Command Post inside the Sub Pen.

** Allied Objective Descriptions **

- Escort the Truck to the Temple and Sub Pen. - Take the Staff of Ra to the Map Room. Using the staff will open up the path to the Idol according to Dr. Jones. - Load the idol onto the truck for safe keeping. Nail it down so the axis can't take it back. - Capture the ark. Dr. Jones discovered a crane operation lever in the bowels of the German base. Throw the switch and defend the ark at all costs. - Establish a Command Post inside the caverns near the temple. - Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post inside the sub pen.

6. Known Bugs - The terrain looks a bit strange on along the edges of the map.

- The staff is sometimes hard to grab on the truck in certain areas. However, players can crouch near the edge of the truck and still get it.

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Download '' (15.57MB)

Raiders - A Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Map

By HummerDesign
Email: [email protected]
IRC: #hummerdesign on Gamesnet

1. Installation & Map Name
2. Story
3. Objectives
4. Where to?
5. Technical
6. Known Bugs
7. Thanks

4. Where to / gameplay

Act 1:  The Staff of RA

Allies will start in the old town of H'Ummer. Two paths can be taken from here, both
leading to a truck, which carries the Staff of Ra. The truck must be escorted to the
temple of Ra, wherein the Staff is used in the Map Room to open a set of doors.

Keep in mind, there is a side cave leading to the temple which is blocked by a set of
boulders. This can be blown with satchel charges or dynomite. Inside is also a command
post which can be used for forward spawning. This forward spawn is key to getting close
to the temple entrance.

Axis will start in a storage area near the sub pen. They can go through two caves, or
over a cliff to get to the objective.

Act 2: The Idol

Once the temple doors have been opened, the Axis will now spawn in a tomb, the Allies
in front of the temple. Allies must now find the Idol, and return it to the truck.
Again, boulders block a key route which can be blown with dynomite or satchel charges.

Once the idol is taken to the truck, the Axis will spawn in the Sub Pen. Allies must
now take the truck to the Sub Pen. After the Allies get to the cave with the truck,
they will spawn in the cave. Once the Allies escorted the truck all the way to the
Sub Pen, Act 3 will begin.

Act 3: The Ark

Now that the truck has reached it's destination the Allies must finally transport the 
Ark to the truck. The Allies will now spawn in the storage area the Axis originally 
spawned in.

On the bridge in the sub pen is a control box with a lever. This lever can be flipped 
by either team, and it controls the movement of the Ark. The Ark is attached to a 
mechanical arm which will transport the Ark across the Sub Pen, and into the truck. 
This lever is marked with a hand on the command map. Once the Ark is delivered, the 
Allies win the map!

5. Technical

This map was made with SDRadiant 1.3.8. The Compiler used was q3map2 2.5.10. Release
date is January 17th, 2004.

7. Thanks

I didn't do this map alone, and I think it's important to thank people up front for all 
the support I've been given along the way, as well as the HummerDesign team.

In no particular order:

Shield: Thanks for chatting it up on team speak, and providing a server to test this
baby. Also, thanks a ton for the work on the sub pen.

Endureth: Thanks for the initial work on the sub pen. Your work inspired us to do great

Garage: Thanks for the great temple work and ideas on the forums

Blackadder: Thanks for the layout of the tomb. And no, I WON'T change the waterfall ;)

Detpak: Thanks for the awesome sounds... the song on the radio is still my favorite :)

Duke'ku: Thanks for getting the command map done in a "timely" manner ;)

SO team and Pog'S: Thanks for the great Egyptian textures and the sub model. They added
a lot of atmosphere to the map.

Sock: Thanks for your support on the forums and the great Egyptian textures.

Digibob: Thanks for putting up with my incessant questions on IRC.

ydnar: Thanks for q3map2 and answering all the support you've given quake 3 based 

Moonkey: Thanks for letting me steal your flag texture from Frostbite :)

Mean Mr. Mustard: Thanks for getting the truck splines looking decent... damn the
crested hill.

EFG / BoD: Thanks for the initial gameplay testing. Long live the crate!

Grim: For testing, hosting, feedback, etc. Now go get some kip.

|Rain|: For helping me track down bugs. Not rainbugs, of course.

#etpro: For serving the first beta and providing feedback.

MindLink and #n0lame: For serving the first beta and providing feedback as well.

Egyptian models and Propane tank models by unknown modelers. Thanks to those who made them!

... and to everyone else that helped along the way... thanks!

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