Raw Castle (fixed)

The allied army has taken a farm in East Anglia. There is a castle down the hills, the Axis is using it as their stronghold. The fortress is...


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The allied army has taken a farm in East Anglia. There is a castle down the hills, the Axis is using it as their stronghold. The fortress is strongly defended by an old big wall which the allies will have to pass through. Valuable documents are resting into a vault, at the castle. Will the Allies be able to steal and transmit them?

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Download 'raw_castle.zip' (10.02MB)

File info:

	Title			: Raw Castle
	Filename		: raw_final.pk3
	Game			: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
	Version			: final
	Date			: 24.July.2006	

	Author			: Roger "redRum" Creus
	Contact			: roger.creus@gmail.com
	URL			: http://www.cyanureill.net

	Gametype:		 Objective, SW, Campaign, LMS
	Maximum Players		: 32     
	Recommended Players	: 12




	1  .Primary	: Steal the secret Documents.
	2  .Primary	: Transmit the Documents.
	3  .Primary	: Blow up the Main Wall and secure the Forward Spawn.
	4  .Primary	: Destroy the Castle Main Door.
	5  .Primary	: Blow up the Vault Door guarding the Documents.
	6 ..Secondary	: Capture the Tower Spawn.
	7 ..Secondary	: Destroy the Side Wall and get easier access to the Axis Castle.
	8 ..Secondary	: Construct the command post.


	1  .Primary	: Protect the Documents.
	2  .Primary	: Prevent allies from transmitting the Documents.
	3  .Primary	: Defend the Main Wall.
	4  .Primary	: Defend the Castle Main Door.
	5  .Primary	: Defend or construct the Vault Door guarding the Documents.
	6 ..Secondary	: Don't let them capture the Tower Spawn.
	7 ..Secondary	: Prevent allies from destroying the Castle Side Wall.
	8 ..Secondary	: Construct the command post.


Things that have changed since the beta 3:

	- Fixed the allied spawn bottom MG's position.
	- Fixed the terrain leaks.
	- Non significant changes in the terrain shape.
	- Retextured the whole terrain.
	- Forced nopicmip for the terrain textures.
	- New shader for the hay vanilla texture.
	- New shader for water.
	- Fixed light leaks.
	- Improved vis blocking.
	- Removed the trickjump spot at the back of the castle.
	- Lowered the green fog.
	- Removed the green tone for the sun light.
	- Fixed the command map custom icons.
	- Fixed the custom vo sounds.
	- Added a locations file for etpro.
	- Fixed spelling errors.
	- Added surfaceparm alphashadow to the tree models' shader.
	- Changed default worldspawn and func_groups lightmapscale (1.0) to 0.3.
	- New texture transition for the caves' entrance.
	- Removed a few mushroom models.
	- Shortened the middle spawn tower a few units.
	- Fixed the tree models' texture conflict.
	- Fixed the limbo objective descriptions for both teams.
	- Added a new light at the castle bottom floor.
	- Added a new light at the cave entrance.
	- New shaders for some metal textures.
	- Added 8 new textures.
	- Realigned many textures.
	- Increased eye candy.
	- Non significant brushwork changes.



	editor		: GtkRadiant 1.4.0
	compiler	: Ydnar's q3map2 2.5.16
	specs		: AMD Athlon 64 3,2Ghz, 2GB RAM, Radeon X700 pro 512mb
	light compile	: -light -bouncegrid -custinfoparms -dirt -export -fast -nocollapse -patchshadows -shade 
				-compensate 2 -bounce 8 -gamma 1.5 -lightmapsize 1024 -samples 3


How to play it:

	- Unzip the raw_final.zip file to your etmain folder.
	- Run ET.
	- Find a server playing raw_final or
	- Select Host Game, set it to Objective, SW or LMS mode and search for Raw Castle Final on the map list.
	- Enjoy.
  *For a proper functioning of this map and the whole game, the author strongly recommends
		that you delete the old versions of Raw Castle from your etmain folder.



	Oak-tree md3* :		Krischan "GrimReaper" Makowka
	Mushroom md3 :		Ken "kat" Beyer
	Celtic cross md3 :	Oak
	Textures :		ID software, Ydnar, HFX, Ken "kat" Beyer, redRum	
	Locations file :	TOG|Neddie

	Sound Scripts :		Chris "Grizbo" Walker

  *This model has been recompiled into a new md3. Get the original files here http://fps.brainerd.net/mapmodels8.htm


Thanks to:

	Wulf, Aingeal and Grizbo for the support, ideas and bug spotting.
	56ker, Monitotxi and Aratbass for keeping my site up and cool.
	TOG|Neddie for the infinite help and time spent on this.
	Au.Hiroshima for the great feedback and suggestions on previous releases.
	The whole ET division of the TOG clan and others who helped in those long playtests on their server.
	The RAW clan for previous testings.
	SD, ID and Ydnar for this great game and tools.



	You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without permission from the author.
	You may not mass distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks without permission from the author.
	You may not Redo/reproduce/update this map in any way without permission from the author.

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