RconIT is a server administration tool which enables admins to easily issue a wide range of Rcon commands to their Enemy Territory server....

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File Description

RconIT is a server administration tool which enables admins to easily issue a wide range of Rcon commands to their Enemy Territory server.

Features: - Easily connect to an ET server, and add servers to a favorites list - Multi-language selection with the ability to save your preferences - Choose from English, French, German, or Dutch - Console window to see the server response - Basic commands such as 'Restart, Kill, or Lock/Unlock the server' - Load server .cfg files - Get PB and non-PB Player lists in the console window, or in a popup box which frequently refreshes the list - Kick and ban players by ID/Slot#, Name, GUID, or IP, with the ability to add a reason, and a kick/ban duration - Warn and Mute players remotely - An 'Are you sure?' dialog box - no 'my finger slipped' excuses now! - Use common punkbuster commands such as 'take PB screenshots', and 'retrieve player alias list' - Manage bans by using the 'Get banlist/Clear banlist/Unban' buttons - Use a vast array of 'Game Play' and referee commands to control Teams, Maps, Campaigns, and General/Other Settings - Retrieves all campaign files on the server, allowing you to easily load the campaign you want - ETPro .config file list with the ability to load the chosen .config file - 'Fun' commands to change game cvars such as g_gravity, b_wolfrof, g_knifeonly etc. with the ability to reset all these commands with one 'master reset' button when you get bored! - Get ETPro GUID lists, and save them to a text file so you can check the GUIDs against those on ET League web sites later - no more time wasted at the beginning of matches - Broadcast messages through the 'console' - Easily send any other command you like to the server

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RconIT Version 1.00
Released 25 March 2006

RconIT powered by www.GameDesign-Online.com

Developers: Flak, Kennie, Burniole

Special thanks to Fragger for the German translation, support, and test server!

RconIT copyright (c) 2006 GameDesign-Online.com and the respective owners.
MSWINSCK.ocx file is copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation

System Requirements:
Windows XP Operating System


Comments/suggestions/bug reports welcome at the forums or in IRC #GameDesign-Online @ irc.quakenet.org

GameDesign-Online.com and the developers of this program will not be responsible for the misuse of this product (RconIT), or any damage arising from its use. The modification, copying/ripping, decompilation or selling of RconIT is not allowed without prior permission from the developers.

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