Reactor README

Author: Ifurita Build Start: 10/11/04

Credits: Amythyst7 for the siege skybox Mean Mr. Mustard for truck prefab an...


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Reactor README

Author: Ifurita Build Start: 10/11/04

Credits: Amythyst7 for the siege skybox Mean Mr. Mustard for truck prefab and fixing my aborted attempts to edit the vehicle path D-Mode for damaged control panel textures

Overview: Target team size: 6 v 6 Allies on offense Heavy emphasis on Coverts and Engineers

Scenario: The Axis are nearing completion of the world's first functional nuclear reactor. Allies must destroy it at all costs.

The Allied strike team has devised an ingenious plan. Instead of striking at the heavily defended reactor, they will strike at the lightly defended coolant tanks, using stolen explosives and a hijacked truck to gain entry to the base.

Objectives (allied):

Phase I 1. Steal box of explosives and bring to truck 2. Steal truck 3. Use truck to ram main gate

Phase II 4. Blow up the coolant controls (rebuildable) which will start the coolant draining. Allies win when both tanks drain, thus causing the Axis experimental reactor to blow up

Change log:

B1 to final 1. Changed lights on ramps to prevent people from getting hung up 2. More signposting 3. Flag changes when either security door is blown 4. Controls now take 1.25 bar to repair 5. Extended dyno/satchel zone 6. Replaced vent route with office route - removed one of the two team doors 7. Moved flag slightly into middle of hallway, expanded hallway, and reduced amount of cover axis had 8. Fixed some floating boxes and fixed the 'hide in barrels' bug 9. Fixed cm shader issue that was causing cm icons to float outside of compass on etpro

A5 to B1 1. Changed skybox 2. Slighty decreased the speed of truck 3. Changed hint icon on security doors to show dyno icon for both sides

A4 to A5 1. Changed truck rebuild bar required to 1.25 2. Added ladder to access 2nd level of forward spawn 3. Fixed security doors so that they are flush with the floor

A3 to A4 1. Added detailing 2. Improved lighting 3. Added cover to outside area 4. Fixed some scripting issues 5. Redid control panel

A2 to A3

1. Tanks now drain in sequence, 30 seconds per tank. Once a tank is drained, it will not refill 2. Added axis vent route to tanks room 3. Slightly expanded most rooms 4. Added path from initial axis spawn to side room 5. Added short wall in front of maingate cutouts to provide cover and prevent boosting 6. Closed off some exits from the allied spawn - extended tunnel exit past crane 7. Fixed some ceiling heights here and there

A1 to A2

1. Fixed entrances where attackers could trick jump into the base 2. Added destructible team doors to to the coolant controls entrances 3. Fixed truck


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