Return to Carnage Canyon

Map Description: 1944: Axis forces have already started their large scale research programs in order to develop nuclear...


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Map Description: 1944: Axis forces have already started their large scale research programs in order to develop nuclear weapons. Their heavy water reactor, located on the norwegian coast needs huge amounts of energy to be set up. The generator producing this energy has been set in the underground basement of a military base which bords a canyon known as 'Carnage Canyon'. Allies are sent over in oder to disable the power generator. The radio equipement of the axis base is also a primary objective since an alert signal would allow HG to send the air forces and bomb the whole area...

Objectives: 1. Capture / Defend the trenches 2. Disable / Protect the Axis Radio 3. Destroy / protect the Axis power generator

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Map Name: Return to carnage canyon

Author: Marko
ICQ #: 86320900
MSN: [email protected]

General Info:
map build time: 8 days
compile time: 4 hours 

Special Thanks:

-Chris Stockslager for making the command map for me

-TazzMjazz for making the custom voices

-Eric Thompson & the HoG's clan for testing & bug reporting

-Jim Bob, Logan & Yhcir for testing and bug reporting

-A great thanks to Vesp for testing, bug reporting, ideas and standing in nice
 positions to make the preview screenshots :)

-Dr Stock & TazzMjazz from M8D clan for testing, bug reporting and ideas

-Scott from [FUN] clan for testing & bug reporting

Campaign Info:
Carnage Canyon comes up with 2 campaigns so you can start a rotation immediatetly
on a sever:

"Carnage Canyon + 3 maps campaign":
maps                    "carnage;oasis;goldrush;fueldump;"

"Carnage Canyon + 6 maps campaign"
maps                    "carnage;oasis;battery;goldrush;radar;railgun;fueldump;"

Spawning Features:

I tried to make quite a dynamic type of gameplay with a moving battlefield. Therefore, 
Allies start on the beach and Axis on the carnage bunkers and also just behind the 
Sea Wall. When the Sea wall is breaches, Axis spawns are moved back to their main base,
behind team only doors which protect them from spawn killing.

The trenches spawn flag is a bit similar to the one found in Oasis map from Spash Damage:
- when allies capture it, their spawns are advanced to the trenches
- when axis reclaim it, allies spawns are set back to the beach
- whatever the state of the flag, when the Axis base gate is blown, the respawn flag disappears
  and allies will spawn permanently in the trenches...

Map Features:
- 2 differents spawns for each team which aren't selectable but depend on the evolution of the battle
- 4 buildable MG42 nest
- 1 forward spawn flag
- 2 primary dynamitalbe obecjtives to destroy
- custom voices for objectives
- axis team doors that Allied Covert Ops can get passed
- 1 neutral command post
- 2 health racks
- 4 ammo racks

Knwn Bugs & problems encountered:

I've had a very concerning problem with this map which taught me a lot this week. I sent an
early beta to about 10 different guys and one of them obvisouly gave the link out. Yesterday 
I noticed that there were 10 servers running that beta in their rotation and some sites even
pretended to have the final version of carnage canyon which was in a carnage.pk3 file
Obviously, they were very much mistaken and I don't understand how they could consider a beta
with so many bugs in it as a final release.

Anyways, this has caused me to release the map before the date I excpected myself. Unfortunately
it means that it isn't 100% complete but 99%... Everything seems to work fine except the objectives
in the limbo menu... Being short on time because I want the real version of ET to be on the servers 
and not that crap beta, I'm forced to release this map in these conditions....
Sorry to those who'll feel a little lost with the objectives missing...

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