Rick Roll Rocket



This mini-mod changes the look, and sound, of the Panzerfaust into a Rick Rolling stick of death!

The Panzerfaust has Rick Astley all over it, and instead of the normal charge up whine, you get a short clip of Rick Astley's hit song: Never Gonna Give You Up. If you love Rick Astley, love Rick Rolling people, or just hate that nasty little whine of the panzer charging up.. this mini-mod is for you!



This mini-mod was conceived by =TKB=(Toxic), and created by =TKB=(Toxic) & =TKB=(Barbara:)

Please do not use this mini-mod in/as a server file or another mod file without the written consent of =TKB=(Toxic) and/or =TKB=(Barbara:). Changing only one aspect of this mod does not mean that it is a completely different mod, and must give reference to the original creators of the mod when publishing. This mini-mod may be distributed/reproduced as many times as desired, but cannot be claimed to be written by other parties as their own material. If you ask, you will more than likely be given permission to use this mod in any way you wish. But, you must ask nonetheless or legal actions may be filed against you for copyright infringement. 

To reach =TKB=(Toxic) for approval: email him at [email protected] or register on http://www.wolfsupport.com OR http://www.tkbclan.com and private message "Toxic". 

To reach =TKB=(Barbara:) for approval: register at http://www.tkbclan.com and private message: "Barbara".

© WolfSupport Inc. & Co-© =TKB= Clan on March 21, 2009 at 2:50AM Central Standard Time -6 GMT

To use this mod place it into the mod folder (i.e. etpub, etmain, jaymod, noquarter, etc.) if you have other weapon skinpacks/soundpacks be sure to remove/rename them if they are lower in the alpha-numeric order of files as those will be referenced instead of this. 

Also please note, if you are playing on a pure server, this mod will not work if the mod is not running on the server itself.

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