Rommel Final by Ifurita


August, 1942

Rangers, attached to the famed SAS, have been raiding Axis supply depots located deep in the Libyan deserts....

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August, 1942

Rangers, attached to the famed SAS, have been raiding Axis supply depots located deep in the Libyan deserts. Friendly Bedouins have alerted the attackers to the location of Rommel's last remaining water purification facilities. The cistern is camouflaged in the sandy ruins of an ancient trading post.


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Brought to you by Mean Mr. Mustard, Cptn Triscuit, and Ifurita 

Mean Mr. Mustard - Terrain, Tunnel, Spawnpoint scripting, V2 Models + Animation, lots of other scripting 
Cptn Triscuit - Most of the buildings, cistern, key card models and skin, custom textures 
Ifurita - Laid down a brush here and there, did the crates by the truck, signage 
Schaffer - Command map 
Members of the, and forums for providing a substantial amount of constructive and valuable feedback during early concept development 

Allied Objectives 

Breach West Gate

Breach East Gate

Capture the Forward Spawn 

Steal the Key Card

Transit thru the Tank Depot 
Construct the Command Post

Use CP to Change the Team Door

Spawn at the CP-Controlled Spawn 
Deliver Key Card to Cistern

Destroy the Cistern Controls

Gameplay Notes 

Map is designed for 12-28 players 
Allies are on offense 
Allies can gain access to the cistern before access card is delivered but cistern controls cannot be blown up unless key card has been capped 
If the allies build the CP, the team door by the Tank Depot becomes accessible to everyone and the allies gain a 5 second respawn advantage 
Once West Gate has been blown, the forward spawn point becomes a permanent allied spawn 


Change Log: 

Changes from _fp to _b1 
Reduced map time from 30 to 15
Allies gain 5 second respawn bonus when CP is built
Added a team door to each gate
Created a vis-blocking structure, which divides the lower base area
Added constructible MG in the forward spawn complex
Added constructible MG in the cistern
Clipped off many areas where people were getting hung up and stuck
Added second exit from flag area to speed movement towards East Gate 
Much interior decorating 
Added cover in front of each gate 

Changes from _b1 to _b2 
Lightmapped terrain, which reduces the brightness and throws nice shadows 
Added signage for those who can't tell East from West and North from South 
Clipped off the wall jumping avenues on east and west gates 
Added more flavor in the form of trees, vegetation, and detail to rooms 
Did not clip off the roofs, but made access more difficult. You will need someone to boost you up, which leaves the roof accessible, but rambos will have a hard time using it. 
Created VOs for 'breached East Gate' and 'breached West Gate' 
Expanded TOIs for dyno targets. You can blow gates from Axis side 
Removed dyno delay when key card is capped 
Made access to tank depot roof a little easier for allies, but you still need a boost to get to roofs 
Made the upper floor of the axis spawn selectable 
Adjusted ladders so that you don't pop up so high when you get to the top of the gates 
Fixed terrain behind key card building 
Added detailing in most buildings 
And a couple of other things you'll have to figure out for yourself 

Changes from _b2 to _b3 
Turned night to day 
Drastically improved amount of information presented on the command map 
Eliminated both constructible MG positions 
Changed general door at tank depot to allies only door upon construction of CP 
Added more signage to the forward spawn area 

Changes from _b3 to _final 
Made a cp controlled forward spawn 
Made key card building a little more accessible 
Moved cap point from left of door to right of door 
Added a truck to block some direct fire from axis spawn vs obj runners 
Eliminted roof ledges from a couple of key buildings

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