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Author : Dave 'Damocles' Hodgson Email address : [email protected]

Map Information

Game : RTCW: Enemy Territory Title : Running The Gamut Filename : gamut.pk3 Release date : 23-07-2005 Description : The Allies have learnt of the location of a vital operations relay station and are planning a raid to steal the operations documents and transmit them to friendly forces

Editor : SD Radiant 1.4.0

Build time : Approx 1 month Compile time : 30 mins Compile machine : 2.8GHz Athlon XP, 1024MB DDR400

Installation : Place the gamut.pk3 file in your wolfenstein - Enemy Territroy/etmain folder

Objectives: *) The Allies must penetrate the fortress by destroying the main gate or capturing the forward bunker flag. Destroying the gate renders the flag permanently Allies. *) Once inside they must locate and steal the operastions documents, typically located in the storage rooms on the basement floor of the installation *) The operations documents must then be taken to the transmitter on the top floor of the installation

The Axis, obviously, must prevent this.

Optional Objectives - Allies: *) Blow the side wall - this allows easier access to the Axis installation *) Build the makeshift bridge - this allows for easier access to the forward bunker and its flag *) Destroy the wooden barricade that blocks a secondary route to the storage rooms *) Build a command post, located in the central complex *) Construct the killbox door and MG42 - this provides additional means to prevent free Axis movement at the rear of the facility

Optional Objectives - Axis *) Construct the side barricade - this makes it harder for Allies to use the side route into the facility *) Construct the doors to the forward bunker (top floor) - this makes it harder for the Allies to enter the flag room via the top floor *) Keep the garage door closed - this restricts one route to the storage rooms *) Build a command post, located in the central complex

Special thanks and Credits to: Thanks to the EFG (European Forum Game) crew for testing and balancing.

Copyrights Copyright Dave Hodgson 2005. All rights reserved. This pk3 is allowed to be downloaded and redistributed for free but the content must remain unmodified. Any questions can be directed to [email protected]


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