Skinpack For Acid Rain Clan

Skinpack For Acid Rain Clan. Check the readme for a list of changes.


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Skinpack For Acid Rain Clan. Check the readme for a list of changes.

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Download 'zzzz_arskinpack16.rar' (14.78MB)

Unrar it in your etmain folder (standard: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain), so you got zzzz_ARSkinpack.pk3 as the last alphabetical file in the map (add some z's if needed).
NOTE: Do NOT, i repeat: DO NOT unpack the .pk3 file!! only unpack the rar file!!!!
Have fun!!
(you can find WinRAR to unrar it free on the internet)
If you need more help on this, pls post in here: or send me a PM in this forum: (and send it to {AR}

Version history:
1.0 Landmines (Thanks Greator)
1.1 - Shoulder pads with {AR} sign
- No black sight with binocs
- M16 with changed sounds (also changed sounds for MG42)
- more "Real" knife look
1.2 - Cleaning up messy files
- Adding Zemanlust knife (Thanks Major Zeman)
- No black borders on Sniperscope
1.3 - Medic packs and ammo packs got AR sign on it.
1.4 - Landmine flag :-) see it to laugh with me!!
- Carrot panzers
- Skinny white legs if covert strips you from your pants
1.5 - Flags changed
- Eyes look spooky now
- soundpacks and load screen changed
- Sniper gun changed
1.5b - i got rid of the dark crosshair...
1.6 - New sounds added (Thanks Greator!!)

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