June 1943: The Axis have a small but vital communication outpost, which controls the Blitzkrieg on all major frontlines. This outpost is equ...


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June 1943: The Axis have a small but vital communication outpost, which controls the Blitzkrieg on all major frontlines. This outpost is equipped with the new radar technology and the Allies are planning an attack (codename: Snatch). The aim is to steal a radar part which in turn will give the Allies crucial electronical know-how. Will the Axis defend the outpost or will Operation Snatch be a success for the Allied Forces?

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-| Snatch for Enemy Territory |-

Release date: 2006-09-30
Author: SteelRat
Map Name: Snatch3
BSP name: snatch3
Gametypes supported: Objective and Stopwatch
Gametime: 20 Minutes

Bug Fixes in this version since the Snatch2.pk3 release (2006-05-22):

01. Fixed (total rewrite) the forest house spawn that was active at the beginning of map that was being exploited by some players.
02. Added Axis second spawn by Axis command post and storage (new area)
03. Spawnpoints for both teams are autochanged when truck passes thru base gate. Axis spawn by CP and storage, Allies at initial spawn (old spawnpoints still available though).
04. Removed annoying brush near Forest House in the bush.
05. The truck is now moving 25 units faster than previously, was 125 and is now 150.
06. Minor texture fixes and addition of a few small items

Using the setspawnpt command for manual/scripted selection of spawnpoints:
0 = Forest House
1 = Initial Spawn (Allied House)

1 = Initial Spawn (Base Spawn)
4 = Storage/Command post 

Bug Fixes in this version since the Snatch.pk3 release (2006-05-18):

01. Removed 2:nd spawn for Axis and fixed spawning.
02. Updated command post script for Allies
03. Allies can now choose spawn point once comm post is built, default is the command post until truck has passed the main gate. If the truck has passed the main gate, Axis destroyed the Allied command  post and Allies rebuild it they will spawn at their initial spawn but have the option to use the command post spawn.
04. Fixed the flying stairs ;)
05. Updated tcMod for the terrain
06. Made the previously Axis only door near Axis command post available to both teams.

Bug Fixes in this version since the Beta Release (2006-05-11):

01. Caulk in stairs by Axis Command post - fixed.
02. Spawn bug fixed (total workover).
03. Added some extra cover near map end by the road.
04. Widened door to tunnel by the truck by 4 units and added player clip.
05. Added player clip by tunnel exit on top of the hill.
06. Modified player clip by Axis spawn on ledge by MG42
07. Modified script and removed faulty entity calls.
08. Widened distance between dragon teeth at truck barriers.
09. Allies Command Post bug fixed (const class and spawn move)
10. Minor texture fixes all over the map.
11. Moved Allied Construction Tower on east side of bridge a bit.
12. Changed Allied spawn time.
13. A number of shader fixes.

Map Objectives

Allied Objectives

Primary objectives:
*Steal the Radar Parts from the radar tower.
*Steal the Truck and escape with the Radar Parts.

Secondary Objectives:
*Destroy the Main Gate.
*Construct the Command Post.
*Destroy the Axis Command Post.
*Destroy the Radio Wall.

Axis Objectives:

Primary objectives:
*Stop the Allied forces from stealing the Radar Parts!
*Prevent the Allies from stealing the Truck!
*Prevent the Allies from escaping with the Truck!

Secondary objectives:
*Prevent the Allies from detroying the Main Gate.
*Destroy the Allied Command Post.
*Construct the Command Post.
*Prevent the Allies from detroying the Radio Wall.

Put the snatch2.pk3 file in your \etmain directory. The mapname is snatch2 if you want to add it to any script. 

Special thanks to Ringa who helped me with icons, command map and good ideas.
Big kudos goes to Loffy for helping me out and getting me back on track :)

Contact info
e-mail: steelrat at
IRC channel @ Quakenet: #srcgaming
###SteelRat's Cage ET Server:

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