Soundpack Blood



This mod adds more voices to the quickchat menu, the voices from "Blood" & "Blood II : The Chosen" game.



Soundpack Blood

This is a sound pack with some of the coolest voices of the 2 blood games. (Blood & Blood II : The Chosen)
The voices are hand picked by me (Way2Evil aka Panther) to fit inside the ET game.
Just press V then 8 and choose one of the many cool blood voices all spoken by Caleb =D

Installation is easy, just put the SP-Blood.pk3 in you etmain map (everybody knows this by now)

Made by Way2Evil aka Panther
[email protected]

Why the heck did I made this file??

1. Blood is a very cool game (hope somebody will get inspiration because of this file and make a blood 3 ET mod)
2. I always enjoyed playing blood and the punchlines always made me laugh.
3. Just to bring more fun into ET.

Coming up:

Shadow Warrior soundpack
Duke Nukem 3d soundpack
Predator soundpack
Worms soundpack

Contact me if you would like a custom build soundpack or something like that.

Greetz Panther aka Way2Evil

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