Special Delivery TE

The Axis are temporarily storing a number of gold crates in a fortified storehouse while they await their transfer to a more secure location...


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The Axis are temporarily storing a number of gold crates in a fortified storehouse while they await their transfer to a more secure location. Allies must first gain control of the storehouse by damaging the forward bunker's East and West Walls, then with their forward spawn secured they must escape with a number of gold crates using the Axis' very own cargo trucks for transportation.

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Download 'special_delivery_te_b1.zip' (2.87MB)

= General information =
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Custom multiplayer map

Name:                Special Delivery TE
Version:             Beta 1
Filename:            sp_delivery_te_b1.pk3
Release date:        10.05.2008

Original map by:     Apple & GW

Modified by:         jump3r & eiM & Snake
E-mail:              jump3r@enemyterritory.sk / aim4r@gmx.net
Homepage:	     http://community.eicher.tv

= Tools used =
GTK Radiant 1.5RC1 & GTK Radiant 1.4
Q3Map2 2.5.16
Adobe Photoshop CS

= Mapping resources used =

= Changes (sp_delivery2 -> sp_delivery3a2[not published] -> sp_delivery_te_a2) =
- completely reworked VIS structure
- VIS compilation!
- texture fixes, realigned textures
- more caulking
- better clipping
- brush fixes, fixed leakings
- fixed some minor z-fighting effects
- added coronas
- added a window near the trucks
- fixed buggy terrain under left and right destroyable wall
- added tracemap
- new, better levelshot
- removed short wait before endround

- fixed two texture leaks
- more detail brushes near the gold crates
- some small changes...

- fixed all corrupted brushes
- added lightnings
- added HINT brushes
- LIGHT compilation
- jumpdown near axis spawn/lift

- widened doors
- reworked gravetunnel
- made the alarm only sound once activated
- moved the truck & gold a bit
- fixxed the skybox near trucks
- added downstairs spawn for allies at flag
- axis autospawn at flag in beginning
- added bushes/wooden barriers in first stage
- respawntimes now: axis 30 / allies 20
- added some more lights

- fixed speaker announcements
- fixed autospawns
- fixed some broken brushes
- added some more lights
- changed the hole at the window of door controls
- fixxed the big stones
- set the axis spawn back to offices
- made spawntime 20/20 again

- fixxed several brushleaks
- highered the doors
- made the glasshole smaller
- edited clip at trains
- decreased intensity of lights
- added clips for some lights
- aligned some more textures
- spawntime 20/30 again =)
- added tunnel at first allies spawn (anti spawncamp)

- door controls button is now a constructible
- door controls room was made a bit bigger
- gold is now only takeable when the doors are opened
- fixxed some lightningbugs
- added etpro location informations (thx to antman)

- general fixxes
- 2nd part made bigger
- added light effect at window

- deleted light effect at window
- made golddoors stay open after first opening
- allies secure forward bunker after button construction

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