Spooky map

A bit late for halloween but here it is ...


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A bit late for halloween but here it is ...


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Re-Upload Request Restoration

CHANGES: All new custom water texture. (I hated the original) This one I think is veeery cool. I'm proud of this one.

New custom textures.

Many new custom md3 models. I love to 3d model.

New custom mixed sound files added.

New atmosphere.

New buildings added.

New modifications to detail brushes and _gridsize to smooth out the flow.

Your average "better fix this stuff".

Please keep in mind that this is still a beta version of this map. So, if you see something- let me know. There are someminor scripting glitches that don't appear to be effecting anything in the map. This will be fixed later onto the next version after the Holiday.

Also, can someone give me a quick 101 class on animating md3 files in ET? Like the simple rotate function. I'm in the rounds of creating ase files, but I don't have the time to impliment these files yet.

Storyline: It's in the stormy dark hours of the night and evil is afoot. Both sides find themselves locked in mortal combat for the three rings of power. Three are for the good of all mankind and the other three are for its doom. The axis seek the three rings of doom to plunge the world into the abyss of evil. They already have stolen the three rings of good. Only the Allies stand in the way of the evil Axis thirst for evil. Will evil prevail?

Type of map: ENEMY TERRITORY--> Multiplayer three objective deathmatch map(Both sides) - Medium size

Whoever gets all three ring objectives first - wins. This is the objective of both sides


1. Secure your Stronghold

2. Construct your invasion bridge

3. Steel the three rings!

4. Secure your three rings first!

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