The Krauts have occupied a small alpine village and it's vital for the allied forces to capture the german warplans hidden in one of th...


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The Krauts have occupied a small alpine village and it's vital for the allied forces to capture the german warplans hidden in one of the chateaus.

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////////////////S_REF_WAT_BETA 2/////////////////////|

S_ref_wat was to begin with a projectname but as all good names were already taken I decided to go with s_ref_wat. :F (prrr.)

The mapproject S_Ref_Wat (Projectname) was started in the 
first quarter of 2006. 
The first version were released the 31st of March, 2006.

Author          : Skumtomten
Game		: Wolfenstein: Enemy-Territory
Title		: Srefwat_b2
Filename	: srefwat_b2.pk3
Release date	: 31st of March, 2006
            _B2 : 23rd of April, 2006
Website		:

Installation	: Place the srefwat_b2.pk3 file in your /etmain dir-- start the game and then select s_refwat from the mapmenu
or type /map srefwat_b2 in the console. ;)

////////////////Special Thanks://////////////////////|

Die Die  
Green Menace

//             **Fixed since _b1**              //|

Added ladder outside the dockhouse, leading to second floor.
Added ladder to the little dock near allied spawn.
Fixed bug with constructible_materials remaining visible after the sewer barrier've been built.
Fixed missing-texture problem on constructible_materials for the sewer barrier.
Removed locked door in sewers. (Which for some reason ate fps like a horse.)
Added the forgotten game-objective description for the allied team.
Fixed move_dir of func_door_rotating at the sewer_entrance so it won't block the passage.
Removed area_portal for soldiers restroom in middle_chateau as it messed things up.
Added area_portals in the sewers to try, fixing the bad fps experienced while running in them.
Added clipping to brushwork. (Optimized player collision.)
Removed sandbags beneath the mgcottage as I didn't find them very useful.
Moved allied spawn closer to the sewer entrance.
Removed the bipod for the mg in the mgcottage.
Created a new commandmap.
Fixed small bug(s) with the tracemap experienced by some players.
Shells below the mgcottagae removed cause of missing-texture problems.
Added objective_cameras to the limbo menu.
Replaced most textures with original ones due to missing-texture problem.
Added 5 new spotlights for the axis-spawn house.
Replaced the health and supply cabinets with new, functional ones, as the old ones for some reason gave you full health/ammo at once.
Moved health and supply cabinets closer to allied spawn.
Added the health and supply cabinets icon to the commandmap.
Added document icon to the commandmap.

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