St. Nazaire

The Map

The map is based on the real life scenario of the commando raid on the dry dock at St Nazaire (NW France), the dry dock was esse...

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File Description

The Map

The map is based on the real life scenario of the commando raid on the dry dock at St Nazaire (NW France), the dry dock was essential in the plans of the Axis forces to cut off the supply routes across the Atlantic. The sister ship of the Bismark the Tirpitz was the ship capable of doing this, but the only dry dock large enough to cope with the repairs of such a ship was St Nazaire.

So in March 1942 the Allied forces came up with Operation Chariot a plan to disable the dry dock leaving the Tirpitz no safe haven. The Allied troops disguised the HMS Campbelltown as a German gun ship and sailed right up the estuary ramming the ship right into the front of the dry dock gates, the hull of the ship was filled with explosives on a delay fuse. Whilst the ship was firmly wedged into the "caisson" the troops raided the dock blowing up the winding equipment for the docks thus disabling it from use for some time.

Allied Objectives.

Spawn at either the Old Mole, the jetty or on board the HMS Campbelltown. Troops spawning at the Campbelltown should blow the harbour wall for easier access. The door to south winding house needs to be blown. The South winding equipment can then be blown. The forward spawn in the warehouse allows quicker route through. The north winding house door can be barricaded by the Axis troops (satchel destroyable). The north winding equipment can then be blown to win the game. The North dock gate is control by a lever on the Axis side of the dock, sneak across to open bridge allowing easier access to North winding house.

Axis Objectives.

Spawn at either the Harbour masters house, warehouse forward spawn point or Axis Garrison. Build the North winding house barricade. Defend the Winding equipment on both south and north. Defend the North dock gate controls. Defend the warehouse forward spawn point.

There is a neutral command post for either team to control.

Points added since FP

Below are some of the additional features added since the play testing of the First Playable version.

-The spawns on the Campbelltown have been moved to the back of the ship and cover given, this is to avoid the arty spawn massacre that was happening. -Also to prevent this spawn killing an additional spawn area has been added for the allied troops to use should they find themselves under spawn attack. -The spawn time has been increased from the mistake of 1sec that I had left in from personal testing. -The north dock gate has been changed into a moving bridge, operated by a lever on the axis side of the dock, this is to stop the allied troops having too easy an access to the north winding house. -More ladder and exit points have been added to the water areas, no more 1000m breast stroke competitions. -An underground service tunnel has been added that links the axis base to the warehouse, a room next to North winding house with a axis team door is there to allow some covert and engineer sneak attacks. -Some additional textures have been used to add a bit of irregularity, but I want people to remember that this is a WW2 dock yard its not going to have lavish marble floors and posh swoopy architecture, just big square functional concrete I’ve gone for realism in my mapping. -The ground has now been adjusted so it will take land mines (least I might get some kills now if I play it) -The whole light level of the map has been increased to more acceptable levels, it was a night time raid but I thought I would brighten it up a bit.

Changes since BETA

-Additional axis spawn added. -Dot product terrain replacing previous lightmapped. -Far bank added to river to try and disguise end of map a bit. -Alphamap treeline added to far bank. -Axis constructable MG added near north winding house. -Axis team doors added to both winding houses to give axis a chance of getting in to defuse if entrances blocked. -Some clipping issues resolved. -General building and architecture additions.

I have done all i can now with this map and i feel it is as complete as i can make it.

Thanks to.

Heirpie - At Shit Storm for all his testing and help pimping my map on his wonderful servers. Splash Damage - All forum users who have helped me resolve all the problems that i faced. Barnie Mills - Friend and Photoshop master for his texture assistance.


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