Stargate-Center 1945

Level Story: The Axis have infiltrated the Stargate Center in the Rockies near the Colorado River to steal 2 Boxes...


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Level Story:

  • The Axis have infiltrated the Stargate Center in the Rockies near the Colorado River to steal 2 Boxes of high explosive Naquada. It is supposed to be used for an Airstrike over Hamburg (germany). The Axis have to hold the base till they can establish a Wormwhole to the other Gate in the infitrated Russia in order to escape. Finally, the Allies must infiltrate the Stargate Center and secure the Naquada with a Truck


  • Place .pk3 included with the file into your ETMain folder.


  • Beta 1.1:
    • Gameplay:
      • Set Depo door inside the tunnel to Axis only
      • Removed the 2nd Truck barrier and replaced it with the Depogate
      • Added 2 Doors at the Stragateroom with a timer.
      • Added two new rooms.
      • Added an air tunnel from the generator room to the Elevators.
      • Added a new shader, its now posible to lay mines on roads
    • Technical:
      • Optimaced the lightning
      • Used another Sky
      • Added a new Script for the door
      • Lghtmapped the Terrain.
      • Added some hint portals to increase the performance.
      • Added some details.
      • Added the Script for the the "refers"
      • Fixed some other mistakes and sounds.

Basics: Added a english readme.

Kown Bugs:

  • The Texture of the Radio at the Axis Spawn point does not load
  • Rocktextur got a wrong surfaceparm
  • Sound of the Gates at the Stargateroom dosn't play
  • Gates are closing to early and need to be reactivated

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Autor : AKE 
E-mail : [email protected]
Website : 

Game : Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
Titel : StargateCenter 1945
Filename : SG2.pk3
ReleaseDate : 12.11.2003
Revision : 1.1 Beta 

Thanks and Greetings:
Thanks to the Level-Designer Forum ( 
for the one or other answer and the Tutorials.

And special thanks to "Wadev" for the real great StargateModel,
to the Splash-Damage Forum some real good infos and the Authors
of the used Prefabs (forgot the names :O ).

This level and all included Material is freeware or property of theyr owners
and can be, for non comerciell usage, copied or given away to each other.
If you plan to use or sell it for profid, my Aggrement is required!
Also if it will made Public in magazines or any other papers.

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