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Basic Information

Author : Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren Email address : [email protected] Webpage :

Map Information

Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Title : Steelplant 2 Filename : steelplant2.pk3 Release date : 2004-05-04 Decription : Better version for public play, Special clan M8D International edition!

Program : SD Radiant 1.3.8

Build time : 5 days + A few hours fixes Compile time : 20 mins Compile machine : AMD Athlon 2200, 512mb

Installation : Place the steelplant2.pk3 to your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or bring down the console and type: map steelplant2.

New Textures : Yes, 43 new including a new SKY set. New Sounds : Nope New Models : Nope

Info! #. Version info: New version, there is no such thing as a final version!

#. Changed the spawntimes from 1 second to 15-Allies, 25-Axis #. Added Teamdoor on the Yard, Allied CVOps can open. #. Fixed small bug with dyno at Grate. #. Added railings at the inner Room. #. Added a few small things to some places for more hideouts. #. Added a new path from mid floor to one of the spawns inside. #. Added 2 new textures of clan M8D Logotypes.

How to play!

Allies: #. Get the Prototype inside the well and bring it to the exit door at the far end of the map.

Axis: #. Defend the Prototype in the well.

Special thanks and Credits to:

#. M8D international for being a bad ass clan. #. Justin Fisher, for the neat SKY textures. #. Crytek for making a fantastic game "Far Cry", and me being a cheater using some of their textures! Alot of the new textures comes from farcry, but by reading the legal stuff i came to the conclusion that as long as i dont benifit from using the stuff that comes with the game or using it in any way that any other company can benifit from it its ok to use em.

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