Stonehenge King Of The Hill

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Stonehenge King Of The Hill beta

Author: Rowye/Cyanure Ill Studios Email adress : [email protected] webpage:

Map Information

Game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Title: Stonehenge King Of The Hill beta Filename: stonehenge_koth.pk3 Release date : 2003-09-23 Description : To win a team must be the first to hold the objective for a total of 5 minutes. Holding for less than 10 seconds does not count. Mines are disabled.

Installation : unzip the file and place the stonehenge_koth.pk3 to your etmain folder. 1. choose host server and single-map objective then select the Stonehenge map. 2. bring down the console and type /map stonehenge_koth.

Scripts: game manager taken from the koth saga Textures: 1 new texture with shader in the textures/cyanureill folder. Spawns: The map is spawn-equiped for 64 players, but it's recommended for small teams, maybe 10 - 12 players. Servers: weapon restrictions are strongly recommended

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