Streets of Italy



Allies need to work there way around this Italian city and steal the gold from the Axis. and the Axis must protect the gold and the Axis barriers, try to destroy the Allied vehicle.




Map Title                : Streets of Italy
Map Version              : FP2
Author                   : IndyJones
E-mail                   : [email protected]


Game                     : Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer

Map Size (suggested)     : 16-24 : Large Map


Chanelog :
     - dynamite issues
     - looping sounds
     - Jeep clipping
     - wallhacking in the tower
     - some light leaks
     - mortar issues
     - Mercedes glass transparency
     - black lines on the sky

     - Jeep stops few meters before barriers, to prevent repairing
       instead of arming dynamite
     - Command Post is a additional spawn for both teams
     - Jeep stops in the middle of tunnel, and is awaiting gold there
     - cracked wall in tower can be destroyed with satchel/dynamite
     - some roofs are unclipped now
     - Health/Ammo cabinets near Market Square
     - MG42 near CP
     - primary Axis house is bigger,and they spawn more inside to
       prevent SK
     - ladder to the roofs
     - constructable ladder to the balcony (for Allies)
     - fixed some brush problems...


Objective info :
     1. Escort the Jeep
     2. Destroy the Market Gate
     3. Destroy the Jeep Barrier
     4. Construct 2 Ramps
     5. Steal the Gold from the Tower
     6. Get the hell out of city!
     OPTIONAL: Build CP
     OPTIONAL: Construct Ladder
     OPTIONAL: Destroy the Tower Wall
     1. Destroy the Jeep
     2. Defend the Market Gate
     3. Construct the Jeep Barrier
     4. Don't let them construct Ramps.
     5. Protect the Gold
     6. Don't let them run away!
     OPTIONAL: Build CP

Features :
     - custom escortable vehicle (Willy Jeep)
     - over 170 new custom textures
     - over 50 new custom sounds
     - custom sky
     - chickens!
     - nicely made map with unique atmosphere ;)

Contents of this Package :



Installation Instructions:

     Put italyfp2.pk3 into your etmain directory.
     Put italyfp2_mods.pk3 into your mod (etpro, noquarter etc)
     directory to fix icons appearing outside compass.


Construction Time        : Over 2 months

Custom Content           : Textures
                         : Shaders
                         : Audio
                         : Models

Known Bugs               :


Credit to Other Authors  :

     Pazur - thanks for everything! It would be a pure deathmatch
   map without your help, and effort :) Niech Ci Bog w
   dzieciach wynagrodzi :D
     Isbowhten - for awfull scripting, but at least it's working
   (so far) ;) Thanks for adding objectives to the map.
     Detoeni - jeep model
     {SSF}Sage - banana model
     Th0rn3 - melon, orange, chicken, street lamp models
     BlackRayne - trash bag model
     Activision - 2 models
     SplashDamage forum - for the help I've found there
     SplashDamage - for using early ET VO sounds
     Project S - I was unable to contact him. This map is based on
   his SOF2 conversion.
     Special thanks to beta testers and people that gave me some
   some suggestions:
     - Sunny, Anak!n, Irata [*], Pella, Jim :O, .$k@d0n, Magic,
       Bricktop, BrightIs


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