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Basic Information

Author : Rowan Drew aka 'aussieAllie' playing ET, 'ausman' in the forums Email address : [email protected] Website :

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Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Title : subway Filename : subway.pk3 Release date : 12-07-2005 Decription : While on the retreat the Axis have planted dynamite in an key african city subway which threatens to destroy its foundations. The Allies have to remove the dynamite threat and detonate the explosives safely before valuable resources are detroyed. The dynamite planted contains tapped circuits and disarming them will only trigger the blast.

Program : SD Radiant 1.4.0

Build time : 18 months off and on Compile time : 12 mins Compile machine : (most development) pIII 450mhz, 320mb ram, TNT16mb yes it is possible to map with this!!(except for lighting) (final development and compile) P4 2.5Ghz, 1024mb ram, Geforce2 64mb

Installation : Place the subway.pk3 to your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or bring down the console and type: map subway NOTE: Please Make sure any previous releases of subway have been removed from your etmain directory.

Custom Textures : 33 Custom Sounds : 34 Custom Models : 8

Info! This is my second map in what will hopefully be of many. After 18 long months of a hugh learning curve and countless hours of cursing, throwing, crying, searching for answers in the darkest of places and juggling time between study, work and mapping, Finally this map has gone final, its taken a long time but I finally got it at this stage.

#Some interesting facts are; 3 scripted trains 2 scripted boagies 1 truck stolen from goldrush 1 script which has been really heavily sworn at 192 splines used 348 models used 151 script movers 8459 lines of script 6 design programs used 28 fights with the girlfriend over spending too much time with the map 48 crashes of my computer somehow related to my map 630hrs+ trying to nut out problems

#. version FINAL info ==compile== q3map2.5.16 :BSP -meta -mv 1024 -mi 6144 :VIS -vis -saveprt :LIGHT -light -fast -samples 2 -filter -patchshadows -external -lightmapsize 256 -approx 8

==problems fixed== 1. Some subways have been remove to make layout more straightforward

==new things included== 1. Escalators now are animated 2. Subways have been more tuberised 3. Signs added in subways so people have a better idea of where they're going 4. Wall posters added, posters from poster pack at 5. tyre track decals added to city streets 6. more detail in the subways 7. ground train signals changed to lever style 8. Last man standing script now included 9. target locations added

#. version BETA3,BETA2,BETA info and complete readme go to

Special thanks and Credits to: A very special thanks to Detoeni who designed the train models and made them move smooth as a baby's bottom, helped redesign some of the hull, and for putting his time and effort on anything else. Also to WeblionX for giving me advice and pointers and the kind people at surface forums, Feel like u want to map come down to surface and we'll help you get started. You great peps at Splashdamage forums, All server admins, and players of the maps who pointed out some of the issues for me The makers of ET, Splashdamage Numerous tutorial makers My poor pIII for putting up with me once again, u did well baby Last but not least my girlfriend Nikky, who kept me sane so far during the tough times plus more again(b2) and again(b3) and again(final).

Copywrite Copywrite Rowan Drew 2005. All rights reserved. This pk3 is allowed to be downloaded and redistributed for free but in no ways is the contents to modified or re-used without the consent from the author, email [email protected] Always happy to help.


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