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Supply Depot custom ET map - by ginc This is a RTCW:Enemy...


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Supply Depot custom ET map - by ginc This is a RTCW:Enemy Territory map designed with competitive play in mind. It should prove to be far less defensive than most stock ET maps, and the smaller size (compared to other ET maps) allows for fast-paced gameplay. This version should be the final one - it was tested in league play during TWL preseason, and it proved to be a well-balanced and fun map. Since then I've corrected a few bugs and added some more sounds to give the map more atmosphere.

PK3 file: supplydepot.pk3 Map name: supplydepot.bsp Version: 1.0 FINAL From:

Installation: Place the supplydepot.pk3 file in your etmain directory. BE SURE TO DELETE ANY BETA/TESTING VERSIONS such as supplydepot_rcx.pk3 and gincmap-buildx.pk3 if you have them!!!

Default timelimit: 15 minutes Axis spawn (defense): 30 seconds Allied spawn (offense): 20 seconds

Axis spawn numbers: 0-auto 1-forward bunker 2-depot Allied spawn numbers: 0-auto 1-allied start3-forward bunker 4-command post

Objectives The allies need to drive a truck into an axis supply depot, load a large gold crate onto the truck using a crane, and then drive the truck out to a tunnel to escape. Luckily for the allies, the truck is heavily armored and cannot be disabled - to stop the truck, the axis need to kill any allies that are near it. The allies simply need to touch the truck to keep it moving.

The truck must pass through two gates, both of which need to be destroyed with dynamite. The first gate is in the axis forward bunker, which also contains the axis' starting spawn. This spawn can be captured by the allies, and when the gate is breached it cannot be reclaimed by the axis. The spawn contains a rear exit that can be blown by allied dynamite - opening this exit allows the allies that spawn there to exit the bunker more quickly.

After the first gate is blown, the truck can continue through to the second part of the map. On the far side of this area there is a shack where either team can build a command post. When the allies have a command post built, they can also spawn there.

The second gate is at the main entrance to the depot area. Secondary entrances to the depot area can be opened by placing dynamite at weak points on the eastern and western walls. The depot area contains a warehouse and a storage yard outside. The warehouse contains the final axis spawn in the basement, and the crane controls on the upper floor. The storage yard is where the gold and the crane are located.

After the second gate is breached, the truck can continue to the storage yard. The allies must then construct the crane controls inside the warehouse, and then simply touch the crane controls to load the gold onto the truck. There are 2 ways to reach the controls - either enter the warehouse at the front and take the stairs to the upper floor, or breach the fence at the storage yard with a satchel charge and climb the ladder. The fence barrier can be rebuilt by the axis after it is destroyed.

To operate the controls and load the gold, the truck must be in position and the controls must be built. After the gold is loaded, simply drive the truck around the depot, out the front gate, and over to the tunnel on the side to win!


  • Landmines can be places in any grassy area, but not in the dirt in tunnels.
  • The dynamite planting distance for most objects is a little smaller than most stock maps, you will not be able to plant 30 feet away like you can on the goldrush barriers, for example.
  • The truck is pure evil, and despite my efforts it probably will find a way to crush people, just like its evil cousins the tank and the railway tug :>

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Download '' (3.29MB)

Changes since RC2:
- The truck will now stop farther away from the barriers, which means the dyno/truck "exploit" doesn't
  work anymore.
- The gold box is now clipped properly when placed in the truck.
- A box that you could get stuck on was fixed.
- An issue with autospawn not functioning properly on map restarts was fixed.
- Alot more sounds added to the map, including 2 destructible radios :>
- A few insignificant cosmetic changes

Author:		Chris Polan aka [20ID]ginc - [email protected]
Tools used:	GTKRadiant 1.3.8-ET "SDRadiant" for mapping
		PSP 7 for the command map
		WordPad for the ever so versatile but absolutely evil map scripting!
Resources:	About 3-4 years of mapping experience for quake2/3
		Lots of reading at the ET mapping forums
Testing:	Random people from #etpickups on gamesnet
		My jerkface clanmates from 20ID
		TWL ET admins Rabid and ChumChum
		All the clans that played the map during TWL preseason week 2 :D

A few textures were "borrowed" from other third party ET maps, but seeing as they used a generic ET
pathname, they probably came from either the original RTCW or from an ET mapping media pack. In any
event, thanks to wherever they came from. The Beethoven audio tracks were borrowed from RTCW.

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