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// // README for TheRiver II REDUX release //...


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// // README for TheRiver II REDUX release //

Why Redux? Because it's the Director's Cut.

>>> TABLE OF CONTENT A - General info, credits, acknowledgements B - Installing and playing the map, known bugs C - Recommended Settings (Admins read this) D - Thanks E - Copyright F - Story and map features (text for advertising the map)

// A - General info, credits, acknowledgements //

>>> Contents of the zipfile In this zipfile you find - the readme - the map (theriver2redux.pk3 >> put it into etmain-folder) - the shader for the commandmap icons (theriver2redux_etproonly.pk3 >> put it into ETPRO-folder)

>>> About the map Map: TheRiver II Redux pk3: theriver2redux.pk3 mapped by ]UBC[ McNite & ]UBC[ Kach--> first day of mapping: sometime in spring 2005 day of release: Oct 21st 2005

>>> original map for RtCW pk3: mp_TheRiver.pk3 mapped by TanyaCheex All credits for gamelayout and objectives of the 2nd stage to go TC! Tanya if you ever read this, you made the best custom map for RtCW ever!

>>> credit for models truck Opel Blitz model by Detoeni (

>>> credit for paintings 3 paintings in the castle by ]UBC[ Kach-->

// B - playing the map, known issues and bugs //

>>> To play the map on a server 1.) put the theriver2redux.pk3 into your etmain folder 2.) put the theriver2redux_etpro.pk3 into your ETPRO folder 3.) run ET 4.) join the server 5.) have FUN!

>>> To play the map alone 1.) put the pk3 into your etmain folder 2.) run ET 3.) go to HOST GAME 4.) set it to STOPWATCH 5.) choose "TheRiver II Redux" from the list of the maps 6.) start and have a look around In case you can't see the map you might be having too many .pk3-files in your etmain-folder and need to delete some.

>>> Known Bugs & issues - fog: new nvidia cards with certain drivers and fastsky 0 seem to make the fog very transparent and the map looks cut off then; fastsky 1 fixes it - lift won't move when a body is sinking through its platform - tram: occasionally a player might get crushed, but its very rare - FPS: Players with old gfx-cards (ge2 MX and g3 MX) will have real low FPS in the central area Bugs: there shouldn't be too many left.

// C - recommended settings //

>>> gametypes available Stopwatch, Campaign, Objective (no LMS)

>>> playerloads This map is well playable for 8 and more players and is best playable with medium playerloads. Its is also a challenging map for 6on6. The River II (the predecessor) has been running on servers with 54 players and was still playable.

>>> spawntime Standard settings are: Allies 15 secs, Axis 20 secs which is slightly favouring Allies. This is a fast map (where u can die fast too). Short spawntimes keep the game tight and ongoing. For matches these spawntimes require good timing on offense but are well playable. Very long spawntimes enable the defending team to set up defense/crossfire too easily.

>>> map playtime This is a very fast map. 15 Minutes is the original playtime of the RtCW map and is still the right time. A good team (or a lucky one) can win the map in less than 3 Minutes.

>>> restrictions on weapons Just the usual maximum on panzerfausts and riflenades will do well.

// D - THANKS //

my clan for tons of good times playing ET and River Kach--> for mapping with me $taTiK for feedback whenever i needed some Duke for his cool voice

]UBC[ Enyo<>Phaz, ]UBC[BigCockapottamus and ]UBC[ TicTac who gave me my first trashings on TheRiver on 4Netplayers... those were great games.

>>> Help with mapping and the whole mess: decoy for lots of feedback and 2 textures all the helpful ppl that answered my posts on the folks that run and doing that whole lot of fantastic tutorials (keep up the great work!!!)

>>> design supervisor ]UBC[ $taTiK

>>> testing the map M8D DrStock @

the clans (in no particular order) ]UBC[, M8D, TWR, TFA

and all the players who participated in one or more of the numerous playtests

keep up the game, you guys are THE GAME


Copyright © 2005 Matthias "McNite" Neiss all rights reserved

This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state. It must include this .txt file. NOBODY is allowed to a) decompile this map b) modify this map or parts (= .script too) of it in ANY way without prior written permission c) distribute this map on CD-ROM or any other media without prior written permission d) use any custom textures/ sounds/ brushwork of this map without prior written permission. By saving this map on your harddisk/webspace/whatever-storage-from you accept these conditions.

contact: [email protected]

// F - Story and map features (text for advertising the map) //

Spring 1945: Allied Intelligence reports that the Axis is using Castle Silbereck and its old silver mines as a bunker complex to hoard treasure looted from occupied Europe... The Allies launch a daring raid to steal the treasure list and escape to a waiting truck. Axis forces located in a guard house and the bunker complex defend the Tram Station and the Castle bunker. this turns Castle Silbereck into a place of furious battle...

Map Features: Fast and adrenalin-packed 2-stage map with a long document-run.

Challenging fighting in various environments: Close quarter combat in tunnels, caves, stairs and a castle/bunker setting as well as mid- and long-range fighting in open terrain.

Several access routes to the primary objectives offer tactical variation. Game-layout is offense bias and offers both fast wins in less than 3 mins and successful defense.

First stage: Allies have to get a forward spawn by repairing a broken Engine Control Panel.

Second stage: Allies capture the Bunker Flag to get a spawn close to the documents. Then they need to steal the documents and take them to the waiting Escape Truck.

List of Objectives for Allies: 1st Primary: Repair the Engine Panel which gives the forward spawn in the Tram Station. 2nd Primary: Steal the Treasure List and take it to the Escape Truck. Secondary: Destroy the Tunnel Barrier for a 2nd route to the Tram Station. Secondary: Capture the Bunker Flag for a forward spawn. Secondary: Destroy the Bridge Controls to lower the Bridge. Secondary: Blow up the Front Wall for easy access/ escape to and from the yard. Secondary: Build the Command Post.

List of Objectives for Axis: 1st Primary: Defend the Tram Station, don't let Allies repair the Engine Panel. 2nd Primary: Defend the Treasure List. Secondary: Defend or repair the Tunnel Barrier. Secondary: Defend the Bunker Flag or recapture it. Secondary: Defend the Bridge Controls. Secondary: Defend the Front Wall. Secondary: Build the Command Post.


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