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Ragnar-X- brings us this Utility/Mini-Mod. Check out the readme.

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File Description

Ragnar-X- brings us this Utility/Mini-Mod. Check out the readme.

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Author     : Ragnar-X-
Contact    :
Created    : 2004-05-01
Last Change: 2004-05-05
Version    : 0.91

1. Abstract
The SpawnSelector.pk3 modifies the quick chat menu (so it is kind of a "mini-mod"). Players will be able to choose their spawnpoint and their class resp. weapon via it. Additionally a text message is printed into teamchat after each selection. Ellipses (3 dots ...) after a menu entry point out that a submenu will pop-up when this entry is selected.

2. Examples
These Examples assuming that numeric quick chat is enabled and 'v' as the key for quick chat menu.
1. The key combination "v951" will let you spawn near to the "Axis Garrison"-spawnpoint on "Siwa Oasis"-map.
2. The key combination "v0142" will let you spawn as Allied Engineer with a M1 Garand & M7 Grenade Launcher.
More detailed examples (including screenshots) can be found at, section "Advanced Spawning".

3. Installation
Copy the file "SpawnSelector.pk3" into your "ETMain"-directory. Be aware that this will only work on local hosts or unpure servers. To get it work on pure servers the server admin has to install it on the server.

4. Deinstallation
Simply delete the file "SpawnSelector.pk3" from your "ETMain"-directory.

5. Known Problems
When another .pk3 is installed which modifies the quick chat menu, then only one of these modifications will work (either "SpawnSelector.pk3" or the other one).

6. Bug Reporting
For comments or bugs please e-mail to Ragnar-X-:

7. Changelog
* 2004-05-05, Ragnar-X-, new version 0.91
  - Added class and weapon selections.
  - Fixed some typos.

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