Toxicity: Facility 31

The Allies have uncovered the source of an Axis chemical refining campaign. Determined to neutralize the threat, Allied forces are attemptin...


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The Allies have uncovered the source of an Axis chemical refining campaign. Determined to neutralize the threat, Allied forces are attempting to destroy the chemical stock pile by releasing three volumes of Axis-developed 'counter-agent' into the circulation system of the refining facility.

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Toxicity: Facility 31 - Beta 1
by CptnTriscuit

Drop facility31_b1.pk3 into your Enemy Territory/etmain directory.

This is a Beta!
This is a beta release, meaning the map is not finished! Much of the brushwork is not complete and therefore, looks really crappy. In addition, some of the textures may also be looking crappy. I apologize for that, and hope to have the map looking better in future releases.

But you can help! Player feedback really helps and is always appreciated! If you have comments or suggestions about the map (gameplay, etc) please send them to me at

Objectives - Wierd Map, Important Information!

Central Circulation.
Deep in the heart of Facility 31 sits the central circulation room, responsible for pumping all sorts of important things to the many underground chambers and laboratories. This room is where each volume of counter-agent must be taken. Each time the Allies capture counter-agent, 5 minutes will be added to the time limit. Once all three volumes of counter-agent have been captured, the Allies must use the panel in the nearby control room to release the counter-agent into the system and win the map. Allies beware! During this final phase, the Axis team will spawn in the nearby valve room, giving them a chance to defend the controls. 

Counter-Agent Volume 1: South Laboratory
The South Laboratory is accessible by two main doors, and three holes connecting to a drainage area. The counter-agent is located in a locked vacuum chamber. Breaking the windows will allow the Allies to take the counteragent This container of counteragent is an easy capture if the Allies have taken the warehouse spawn area. 

Counteragent Volume 2: Northwest Laboratory
The Northwest laboratory is accessible by one door and two drain holes connecting to the vast West chemical cistern. If the Allies can drain the West chemical cistern by turning the Drain valve, they will have a direct path between the Northwest laboratory and their constructable spawn area. 

Counteragent Volume 3: East Chemical Pit
The East chemical pit is located just south of the East end of the cargo rail. There are three passages into the East chemical pit spread across two floors of metal mesh suspended above a swirling green pool of toxic doom! The fastest way into this area is also the most dangerous for the Allied team - the cargo rail. Traveling back and forth over the gorge, this equipment-moving device can just as easily carry players. But riding the rail comes at the cost of exposing yourself to enemy bullets, or worse. The metal boxes on the rail can be used as cover, and the Allies have team-only health and ammunition chests waiting for them on the East side. 

The Warehouse Spawn.
The warehouse located in the middle of the map is inhabited by many boxes, as well as a spawn flag. The warehouse is where the Axis team will initially spawn. The flag can be captured by either team to claim the spawn area as there own - but should the Allies breach the warehouse wall, this spawn will be lost to the Axis permanently. 

The Warehouse Wall.
To the Allies, the Warehouse wall could be more accurately described as the 'wall at the end of the garbage trench'. Whatever you want to call it, the Allies must dynamite this wall to gain permanent control of the warehouse spawn. 

The Allies Command Post
It may not look like a command post, but it does the same thing - kinda'. A blue box of construction materials is waiting in the ruined West laboratory for an Allied engineer to work their magic. This is a three stage construction project; each of the first two stages will increase the recharge rate for the Allied team, while the third will create a new spawn location! The Allies would be wise to not overlook this objective! 

Draining the West Chemical Cistern
The West chemical cistern is a freakin' huge underground room filled with bubbly green goo. Metal catwalks run along the top of the chamber connecting the valve room to some drainage pits and eventually up and out to the daylight. The passages that run underneath the chemical liquid connect the ruined West laboratory to the Northwest Laboratory - a direct route from the Allies forward spawn to one of the counter-agent locations. Swimming in the chemical is possible, but very dangerous. Turning the valve (in the valve room) will cause the cistern to empty, creating a new passage for the Allies. 

I've lifted some sound files from Quake3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.  I intend to replace them with originals in the next release.

from Quake 3:
from RTCW:

On a related note, if your skilled a creating sound assets for games and would like to create some cool 'science-fictiony' sounds to contribute to the map, give me a buzz! :)

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