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Please note: This is the second public release and may contain bugs.



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Please note: This is the second public release and may contain bugs.

title:Tramfight! beta2 file:trmfght_beta2.pk3 author:FireFly email address: [email protected] website: release date: September 8th 2005 Play Information

gametype: wolfmp, wolfsw new sounds:yes new graphics: yes new music:no new models: yes prefabs: no


base:scratch editor:GTK Radiant 1.3.13 other programs: 3Dmax7, PhotoshopCs2 build time:3 months. total compile time: 50 mins.

Changes from previous tramfight! beta1 version:


The whole erea where the wooden bridge and command post was has been replaced with an indoor structure: containing an old castle and a church. This forced me to make the map some 1000 units bigger.

The game now has 3 stages:

stage1) Allies must drive the tram to the old castle: Once there the iron gates in the church will open where the venom cannon (objective) lies. The tram can not be moved untill the next stage has been completed.

stage2) Allies must steal this venom cannon and deliver it to the tram.

stage3) Allies must drive the tram ,containing the objective, to the second station.


- Axis can nolonger enter the allied spawn (station1) to prevent spawnkilling

- Allied spawn (station1) now has an alternate exit.

- Now 24 players per team can spawn instead of 18 to avoid players to get stuck in eachother while spawning

- The axis Spawn (station1) has moved to the south. Therefor Axis and Allies will nolonger spawn in the same room.

- The second axis spawn (station 2) now has a third exit that will lead towards a tower (for sniping)

- Different autospawns for both axis and allies. In beta1 the position of the tram would decide where players would autospawn. This caused allot of confusion with players as often the autospawns would constantly change within seconds. In this version players will only change spawns when allies manage to get the tram to the 'old castle'.

- The constructible flag has been replaced by a normal "capture the flag" (like in railgun), once captured players will never autospawn at the flag, but have to pick it in the limbo menu....


- A shortcut has been created from the axis spawn towards the allied spawn to intercept the tram.

- Players can now reach the courtyard by a shortcut from the west.

- 1 extra mg has been added that needs to be constructed ( 2 in total: 1 for axis / 1 for allies)

- Redid the sky texture: less clouded and added a sunny sunshader to it (photoshop flares included)

- Overall: Redid some of the existing textures, added a bunch of new custom textures and added more details to the map.

- Some new ambient sounds where added.

The tram

-The tram model has been rebuild from scratch: it's now 1/3 smaller and is looking more realistic by adding more details. The original model was way too big. I expected that the tram would be crowded with allies, But in fact only 1 or 2 allies would board the tram. Therefor I made it smaller. I also got rid of the weapon & panzerclips covering the tram windows. For some reason they often would not stop panzers penetrating the windows.

- Tram will now cast a shadow on the ground ( thanks to Detoeni)

The generator

- Allies can now construct a generator that will increase the speed of the tram. Once build the tram will speed up from 120 units per second to 200 units per second (the tug in 'railgun' also has a speed of 200 units /sec) The speed increase only applies to the allied team: When an axis players enters the tram the speed will always remains 120 units /sec. When build, the axis can destroy the generator with dynamite only..

Note: When the generator is constructed players can use the generator to jump on the roof section of the old castle.

Distribution / Permissions

This is the second trial of this map and may not be modified in anyway as to appear as a completed map by anyone else than the author.

Authors May Not decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels. The possibility of using items from this map as prefabs and/ or models is possible, but you must obtain the author's written permission first.

This file may not be commercially exploited in any way.


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